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167places to visit in Thailand
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1159 places to visit in the world

#50in DubaiDubai Outlet Mall in DubaiDubai Outlet Mall in Dubai

The only one discount shopping mall in the Emirates; prices here 30-90% lower than in other shopping centres in Dubai. So, set out for real bargains!

#55in DubaiMall of the Emirates in DubaiMall of the Emirates in Dubai

Mall of the Emirates is not just shopping centre, it is the first in the world shopping resort with great variety of exciting activities.

#54in DubaiCity Centre Deira in DubaiCity Centre Deira in Dubai

City Centre Deira is a popular place for shopping, different kinds of active entertainments and family activities. Give a try to them all!

#42in DubaiMarina Mall in DubaiMarina Mall in Dubai

One of the best shopping malls in Dubai that is situated in one of the most beautiful districts of the city - Dubai Marina. Here you'll find more than 130 stores of all kinds.

#14in Abu DhabiYas Mall in Abu DhabiYas Mall in Abu Dhabi

Yas mall is the biggest in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and the second biggest in the country. It is located on the famous man-made Yas Island.

#40in DubaiCity Centre Mirdif in DubaiCity Centre Mirdif in Dubai

A large shopping centre, where you can both have a good shopping and try extreme adventures. Besides a variety of shops, here you can find a famous attraction - iFly Dubai.

#5in DubaiThe Dubai Mall in DubaiThe Dubai Mall in Dubai

The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall. Fashionable shops, restaurants, entertainment centers they can offer you everything!

#1in Port LouisThe Seven Colored Earths in Port LouisThe Seven Colored Earths in Port Louis

Colourful sand dunes are an incredible natural phenomenon on the island of Mauritius.

#1in MwanzaSerengeti national park in MwanzaSerengeti national park in Mwanza

Biospheric reserve in the north Tanzania that occupies more than 14 000 square kilometers is a huge ecosystem where more than 3 million wild animals live.

#1in TorontoNiagara Falls in TorontoNiagara Falls in Toronto

Cascade of waterfalls at Canada-the USA border: the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls.

#2in ViennaVienna State Opera in ViennaVienna State Opera in Vienna

Here you can listen to arias of the best opera singers, choir to the accompaniment of the symphony orchestra and watch ballet.

#3in TorontoCN Tower (Canada's National Tower) in TorontoCN Tower (Canada's National Tower) in Toronto

553,33-meter high symbol of Toronto city; it's almost two times higher than the Eiffel Tower - a 360°-panorama restaurant on the roof and EdgeWalk attraction.

#5in BudapestFisherman's Bastion in BudapestFisherman's Bastion in Budapest

Fisherman's Bastion, as many other architectural buildings in Budapest was constructed to mark 1000 anniversary of Hungary.

#3in BudapestVajdahunyad Castle in BudapestVajdahunyad Castle in Budapest

Hungarian Vajdahunyad Castle is one of the most distinguished castles around the globe.

#1in Nuwara EliyaAdam's Peak in Nuwara EliyaAdam's Peak in Nuwara Eliya

2243-meter high mountain is really sacred Buddhists. It is called Eden, the Buddha himself left a foot print on the top of the Adam's Peak.

#1in DambullaSigiriya Lion Rock in DambullaSigiriya Lion Rock in Dambulla

Former fortress of the 5th century with a Buddhist temple at the top. It is called the Eighth Wonder of the World.

#6in BudapestHungarian Parliament Building in BudapestHungarian Parliament Building in Budapest

One of the largest government buildings in the world, the symbol of united Hungary, designed in the style of the Palace of Westminster.

#7in BudapestSt.Stephen's Basilica in BudapestSt.Stephen's Basilica in Budapest

In the centre of Budapest majestic temple St.Stephen's Basilica rises over the city. It is named after first and the most honoured king of Hungary.

#16in Abu DhabiThe Capital Gate in Abu DhabiThe Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi

Skyscraper with the biggest inclination angle (18°)! The Capital Gates holds offices, a 5-star hotel and panoramic-view restaurant.

#1in Kuala LumpurPangkor Island in Kuala LumpurPangkor Island in Kuala Lumpur

Paradise island with wild beaches in the middle of jungles, exotic animals, reserves, temples and the ocean created for diving.

#1in Abu DhabiQasr Al Hosn fort in Abu DhabiQasr Al Hosn fort in Abu Dhabi

The oldest building in Abu Dhabi, which is called its birthplace. It is next to the modern skyscrapers, recalling the past of the emirate.

#10in Abu DhabiThe Persian Gulf in Abu DhabiThe Persian Gulf in Abu Dhabi

The Persian Gulf is the Middle East in all of its aspects - authentic traditions and charming atmosphere of ancient Arabic fairy tales.

#4in Abu DhabiThe Corniche in Abu DhabiThe Corniche in Abu Dhabi

The Corniche is another outstanding sight in Abu Dhabi. Parks, night clubs, restaurants and beach - exciting things that won't let you just pass by.

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