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169places to visit in Thailand
141places to visit in Italy
85places to visit in Emirates
56places to visit in Spain
62places to visit in Greece
52places to visit in France
62places to visit in Ukraine
12places to visit in Sri Lanka
15places to visit in Czech Republic
20places to visit in Turkey
36places to visit in Croatia
10places to visit in Canada
7places to visit in Mexico
3places to visit in Japan
3places to visit in Switzerland
3places to visit in Norway
1places to visit in Poland
7places to visit in Netherlands
8places to visit in South Africa
9places to visit in Iceland
5places to visit in Morocco
6places to visit in Austria
9places to visit in Hungary
5places to visit in Nicaragua
11places to visit in the United States
7places to visit in Australia
4places to visit in Belgium
5places to visit in Latvia
4places to visit in Brazil
7places to visit in Portugal
3places to visit in Bulgaria
6places to visit in Georgia
5places to visit in China
5places to visit in United Kingdom
2places to visit in India
4places to visit in Indonesia
1places to visit in the Philippines
1places to visit in New Zealand
1places to visit in Argentina
3places to visit in Bolivia
1places to visit in Germany
2places to visit in Zambia
1places to visit in Israel
1places to visit in Cambodia
1places to visit in Mauritius
1places to visit in Madagascar
2places to visit in Ecuador
1places to visit in Albania
1places to visit in the Bahamas
1places to visit in Belize
1places to visit in Venezuela
1places to visit in Egypt
1places to visit in Malaysia
1places to visit in Peru
1places to visit in Singapore
1places to visit in Turkmenistan
2places to visit in Finland
1places to visit in French Polynesia
1places to visit in Ethiopia
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900 places to visit in the world

#1in DubaiRub' al Khali desert in DubaiRub' al Khali desert in Dubai

Dangerous, unbearably hot climate, constant lack of water and endless tons of sand, stretching for hundreds of kilometers.

#1in ParisEiffel Tower in ParisEiffel Tower in Paris

The main symbol of Paris, which attracts all the travelers of the world, the steel tower, which became the hallmark of the City of Lights.

#2in DubaiBurj Khalifa in DubaiBurj Khalifa in Dubai

828 meters of incredible architecture and greatness: the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, the world’s highest skyscraper holds all this. You have to see it with your own eyes.

#1in MilanMilan Cathedral in MilanMilan Cathedral in Milan

Milan Cathedral is a symbol of the city, a vivid example of the greatness of Gothic architecture and the place to which lead ancient streets of Milan.

#1in VaticanSt. Peter's Basilica in VaticanSt. Peter's Basilica in Vatican

This basilica gathered under its arches, numerous works of art, however, it is a masterpiece of Italian architects in itself.

#3in DubaiThe Dubai Fountain in DubaiThe Dubai Fountain in Dubai

The world-famous incredible Dubai Fountain astonishes with its unique and impressive water, light, musical and even fire and smoke shows.

#4in DubaiDubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in DubaiDubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in Dubai

Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in Dubai Mall is a vivid underwater world of man-made ocean in a huge aquarium and arched tunnel.

#5in DubaiThe Dubai Mall in DubaiThe Dubai Mall in Dubai

The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall. Fashionable shops, restaurants, entertainment centers they can offer you everything!

#1on RhodesAcropolis of Lindos on RhodesAcropolis of Lindos on Rhodes

In the Acropolis of Lindos, that is as famous as the Acropolis of Athens, you can walk among ancient columns, see how the archaeologists work and touch history.

#6in DubaiDubai Autodrome in DubaiDubai Autodrome in Dubai

Track experiences give the "man in the street", the chance to sample race cars and supercars through the Race & Drive Centre.

#7in DubaiBig Red Sand Dune in DubaiBig Red Sand Dune in Dubai

The Big Red Dune is about 50 km away from Dubai. It’s one of the ultimate places for sandboarding and extreme jeep off-road driving.

#1in RomeVilla Borghese in RomeVilla Borghese in Rome

Villa Borghese is a magnificent landscape park in the English style, a popular place for walks and picnics in Rome. Also here is the museum with the incredible collection of art.

#1in VeniceHarry’s Bar in VeniceHarry’s Bar in Venice

This is a favorite Hemingway and Chaplin's place in Venice, you can buy the famous cocktail here and merge with the locals with the sounds of soothing music.

#1in DubrovnikDubrovnik Cable Car in DubrovnikDubrovnik Cable Car in Dubrovnik

The only cable car on the Adriatic coast runs between the Old Town and the peak of the Mount Srdj which is at the height of 405 meters above sea.

#1in ZagrebPlitvice Lakes National Park in ZagrebPlitvice Lakes National Park in Zagreb

Unique Plitvice Lakes National Park is located in the centre of Croatia. The fairytale beauty of waterfalls and lakes, rich flora and fauna attracts travellers from all over the world.

#8in DubaiFish Souk in DubaiFish Souk in Dubai

Fish Souk of Dubai offers an excellent selection of seafood; besides, the market itself is a flamboyant and lively place to visit.

#2in DubrovnikDubrovnik City Walls in DubrovnikDubrovnik City Walls in Dubrovnik

The main point of interest of Dubrovnik is picturesque defensive stone wall that was built around the Old Town and became a military fort.

#3in DubrovnikStradun (Placa) street in DubrovnikStradun (Placa) street in Dubrovnik

The most famous and popular street in Dubrovnik connects two main entrances to the Old Town - Pile Gate and Ploče Gate.

#2in RomeColosseum in RomeColosseum in Rome

The Colosseum is number one in the to-see-list for Italy and has almost 2000-years history with the fights of the gladiators and the dramatic shows.

#9in DubaiGold Souk in DubaiGold Souk in Dubai

Myriads of golden jewels and precious stones at the market are not necessarily to be bought, but they are definitely worth seeing.

#1in Chiang MaiLanna Dhutanka temple in Chiang MaiLanna Dhutanka temple in Chiang Mai

Lanna Dhutanka temple is famous for one of the most magnificent spectacles in the world that takes place here - the mass sky lanterns release during the Mae Jo event.

#2in VenicePiazza San Marco in VenicePiazza San Marco in Venice

St. Mark's Square it the main square in Venice. It is one of the most beautiful square in the world.

#4in DubrovnikSrđ mountain in DubrovnikSrđ mountain in Dubrovnik

413 meters high mountain offers bird's-eye views of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic coast. There are two viewpoints, Civil War Museum, a restaurant and an amphitheater here.

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