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Top-25 ideas how to spend summer-2017

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Surf at Copacabana or feed the giant turtle? Choose your own adventures from the new Oddviser-pick, and we promise you the legendary summer!

Top-25 ideas how to spend summer-2017

Oddviser prepaired you the new pick of ideas all over the world: choose, read and oddventurize yourself!

1. Take a naked selfie with the Machu Picchu background

Bring the photos from from your vacation and don't show them to your friends :-)
Where: Machu Picchu near Aguas Calientes, Peru

How to do it? →

2. See goats grazing up on the trees

Goats on Argania

Feed them if you can climb the trees as well as these strange creatures.
Where: Marrakesh, Morocco

How to do it? →

3. Fly on board of a hot air balloon over Cappadocia

© cat_collector

Lots of colorful hot air baloons take off over this fairytale city each day.
Where: Cappadocia, Turkey

How to do it? →

4. Kiss under the Bridge of Sighs

Bridge of Sighs
© Paula Soler-Moya

Have the most romantic trip, rent the gondola with the singing gondolier and kiss under the bridge.
Where: Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy

How to do it? →

5. Meet penguins in Africa

© Andy Davidson

Yes, here they live too!
Where: Boulders Beach in Cape Town, South Africa

How to do it? →

6. Sit on Trolltunga

© Eskil Digernes

A steep rock that leads to nowhere is the real end of the world, which you can see with your own eyes.
Where: Odda, Norway

How to do it? →

7. Get a role in an Indian movie

Bollywood cast
Photo: Bollywood cast, © Chris Hacking

Immortalize your vacation in cinematography.
Where: Mumbai, India

How to do it? →

8. Feed a pink pelican

© Zizhou Liu

Three pelicans living here really like the traveller's dinners.
Where: Myconos, Greece

How to do it? →

9. Ride a bike on the Great Wall of China


Even a trip to the famous sight will be special if you approach the issue with imagination.
Where: Beijing, China

How to do it? →

10. Get a tan on the roof of Milan Cathedral

© David Davies

Get a tan without visiting sea resort.
Where: Milan, Italy

How to do it? →

11. Ride on a donkey

Climb the Acropolis on donkeyback.
Where: Rhodes, Greece

How to do it? →

12. Surf at Copacabana

© Armando Lobos

Even if you're not the surfer yet, you'll become one.
Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

How to do it? →

13. Riding a Vespa in Rome

Be like a hero of the film «Roman Holiday», drive Vespa.
Where: Rome, Italy

How to do it? →

14. Walk on the edge of the active volcano

© Red Garland

Just imagine how you'll share your emotions about summer with your friends
Where: Vesuvius volcano in Naples, Italy

How to do it? →

15. Cuddle a giant hundred-year-old turtle

turtle© Jim Bowen

Look at this pretty face!
Where: Seven colored earth in Port Louis, Mauritius

How to do it? →

16. Have a diner on the Eiffel Tower

tour Eiffel

Three restaurants are located at different levels of the Eiffel Tower, so you can have unforgettable breakfast, lunch and dinner here.
Where: Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

How to do it? →

17. Walk above the gorge of Aradena


Walk on the bridge hanging over the formidable gorge like the hero of adventure movie.
Where: Aradena gorge on Crete, Greece

How to do it? →

18. Walk along the ghost-town Pripyat

© Kvitlauk

Have a vacation in horror style.
Where: Pripyat, Ukraine

How to do it? →

19. Go buggy driving the desert

Desert safari dune buggy/ATV driving in Dubai

Rent a buggy and drive in dunes.
Where: Big Red Dune near Dubai, Emirates

How to do it? →

20. Enjoy Madrid from the roof of Circulo de Bellas Artes


Use the elevator to reach the roof and see the sunset from the best view point.
Where: Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Spain

How to do it? →

21. Feed peacocks near the Dead See lake

© Roger Nelson

The Lokrum peacocks will share your dinner with pleasure as well as Myconos pelicans.
Where: Mrtvo More on Lokrum island near Dubrovnik, Croatia

How to do it? →

22. Walk the breakneck stairs Scala del Capriolo

scala del capriolo

One more adventure for those who's not afraid of heights.
Где: Neptunes grotto on Sardinia, Italy

How to do it? →

23. Walk along the Promenade des Anglais

promenade des anglais© Bob Hall

Attention, here you can meet Roberto De Niro any time.
Where: Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France

How to do it? →

24. Look at Rome and Vatican City from the top of St. Peter’s Basilica

Vatican© Larry Koester

From the highest point of Vatican the cardinals look like toys.
Где: Saint-Peters Basilica in Vatican, Italy

How to do it? →

25. See the sunset on Santorini island

santorini sunset© Bonum Vinum

You will see the most beautiful sea in the red and gold lights of Santorini sunset.
Where: Santorini island, Greece

How to do it? →



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