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Top-10 of the most italian adventures

Useful services in Rome

The real Rome in the one-day route: Oddviser prepared the pick for your independent travel: from the main sights to non-touristy places.

Top-10 of the most italian adventures

With the help of this rout you can visit the famous sights and the authentic places in Rome in one day. Here you are the best italian adventures in one Oddviser-pick.

Map for top-10

1. Sit on the Spanish Steps

Start your day with the breakfast on the well-known stairs on the Spanish square.

Spanish Steps
© Christopher Tortolano


2. Rent the Vespa

The best vehicle for the Rome streets is the famous scooter Vespa. There are many rental services, but the nearest is placed in Vicolo del Bottino, 8 and called Bici & Baci S.R.L.

© Chris Arace


3. Feed the seagulls near the Tiber

While riding along the Tiber's bank make a stop to feed the seagulls: they don't affraid of people and they will be happy to eat your lunch.

© Giulia Polizzi


4.Try the ice cream with champagne

In the old Rome cafe Giolitti the strange ice cream is made. Order one with the taste of champagne and continue your meeting with the city going to step 5.

Ice cream
Фото: © Rosalind, flickr


5. Take an Oculus selfie

The Pantheon is illuminated only with this "window": the nine meters oculus. The sunlight drops into Pantheon through it and it looks really fantastic.

© Shane Adams


6. Climb up the roof of the Altar of the Fatherland

There is the elevator which will lift you to the top of this gorgeous monument. Here on the roof you can feed the seagulls one more time!

One more seagull
© Stefano Bruzzone


7. Drink a coffee at one of the best terraces in Rome

On the terrace of the Palazzo Caffarelli you will find the Capitolino cafe and the beautiful views of Rome.

Кафе Palazzo Caffarelli


8. Count the cats in the Colosseum

There can't be the Rome pick without Colosseum in it. Buy the ticket on-line to avoid the queue (it costs 12€).
Сoncerning to the cats, here live over two hundreds of them and, according to the official web-site, they have the employee, who knows the names of each one.

© Stephanie Rogers


Near, on the Via Cavour, 302, you will find another office of the scooter rental to give back your Vespa. It'll be important for the 10 step of the pick ;-)

9. See the sunset from the Aventine Hill

It has the best view of the evening Rome. Take a walk in the Orange Garden and see the sunset.

© Winfried Schafmann


10. Have a dinner in Trastevere

Take a walk from the Gardens to the Tiber and then cross the Ponte Sublicio bridge to get the Trastevere district — the most italian part of Rome, where the musicians play the music at the evenings. End your walk with the dinner in one of the restaurants here, order the vine and relax.

trastevere dinner
© Jibbo, flickr


Bonus: Swim in the Trevi Fountain

If you don't want to end your day, get a taxi and go to the start of your rout. The police officers are little distracted in catching the "swimers" at night. But just in case be ready to pay the fine.

Trevi fountain
© Charlie Davidson


The next day read the other Oddviser Rome adventures.



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