Drink a coffee at one of the best terraces in Rome in Rome

On the terrace of the Palazzo Caffarelli, you can take a cup of coffee and admire the views.


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Drink a coffee at one of the best terraces in Rome

#11 of 40 things to do in Rome
Place: Caffè Capitolino in Rome, Italy

On the splendid terrace of the Palazzo Caffarelli is the museum café, where you can take a delicious warm sandwiches, coffee or cappuccino and enjoy the views of the city's rooftops, see how domes of cathedrals cut through the clouds and birds soaring over the Eternal City.

Prices: about €10 for one person.

Location: Piazzale Caffarelli, 4

Caffè Capitolino on the map

Caffè Capitolino
Caffè Capitolino#11 of 28 places to visit in Rome

Near the Victor Emmanuel II monument on Capitol Hill you will find Caffè Capitolino, where travelers come in search of the best views of the city.



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