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Piazza di Pasquino in Rome

The small square is best known for the talking statue, standing here: in 16th century the critical epigrams were postied on the Pasquino statue.


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Piazza di Pasquino

#27 of 65 places to visit in Rome
Piazza di Pasquino is located near the Piazza Navona.

But the travellers usually visit the square to see the Pasquino statue which is famous for it's political "activity" - the comments of city news and the criticism of the Italian politics were posted on it on 16th century.

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Have a small talk with the statue in RomeHave a small talk with the statueoddviser#52 of 65 things to do in Rome

Six statues became the real voice of Rome opposition in 16th century: the epigrams were posted on the statues nightly.

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