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Top-10 dishes that are definitely worth trying in Rome

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Arrange a gastronomic tour of glorious Rome, trying all Italians signature dishes.

Top-10 dishes that are definitely worth trying in Rome

In Rome, in addition to the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and cute cats strolling around the ruins of Largo Argentina there is another local "point of interest" - a kitchen, which is very unique. In Rome it is impossible to resist not to try the antipasto, eat a whole plate of pasta and take an unusual cake Castagnaccio.

What other food is served in Rome, see our delicious list:

1. Pasta
Italian pasta
Photo: Italian pasta

Without it you cant imagine Italy; there is a wide variety of pasta under the delicate sauce in Rome.


2. Antipasto
Photo: Antipasto, © Lisa Wilde

Every lunch in Rome begins with this snack. There is a huge variety of antipasto, from roasted vegetables to seafood.


3. Porchetta
Photo: Porchetta, © Jimmy

Roulade of pork with golden crust, the main attribute of the Roman fairs and festivals.


4. Saltimbocca
Photo: Saltimbocca alla Romana, © Lec

Thin steak with prosciutto and sage, after it you will not be able not to lick fingers, it is so delicious.


5. Suppli
Photo: Suppli, © Olive & June

Enterprising Romans made from yesterday's risotto true delicacy - crispy croquettes with mozzarella cheese, fried in olive oil.


6. Fiori di zucca
Fiori di zucca
Photo: Fiori di zucca, © Giulia Scarpaleggia

One of the most unusual dishes in Rome - fried in batter leaves of zucchini stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies.


7. Bucatini
Photo: Bucatini, © Celeste Noche

If you do not know what pasta you can choose in a restaurant, do not hesitate and take bucatini - spaghetti with a hole, which are served with tomato sauce, red pepper and ham.


8. Crostata
Photo: Crostata, © Giulia Scarpaleggia

Start the morning with a piece of cake with ricotta and Nutella, sitting on the terrace and sipping cappuccino.


9. Castagnaccio Cake
Photo: Castagnaccio Cake

This cake is made of the chestnut flour, olive oil and raisins. It sounds too simple? You just have to try - and you will understand that this is one of the most delicious desserts in Italy.


10. Italian ice
Italian ice
Photo: Italian ice

What could be better in hot weather than a delicious ice from syrup and fruit puree?


Buon appetito!



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