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Top-10 restaurants in Rome with an incredible view

Useful services in Rome

Looking for a restaurant with a view? Oddviser will tell you about the best panoramic restaurants in Rome, worth a visit.

Top-10 restaurants in Rome with an incredible view

Oddviser offers you the top-10 best restaurants and bars in Rome with a panoramic view. Here are atmospheric establishments where you can relax, have a good time and enjoy a chic view of the Eternal City.

Restaurant №1: Roof Garden

Roof Garden restaurantPhoto: Roof Garden

A restaurant with a blooming garden on the roof of a fashionable hotel in the center of Rome where a unique view of the Eternal City opens.

Where: via Tor de' Conti, 25-30
Price: from 95 euro for a couple


Restaurant №2: Aroma

Aroma Restaurant in RomePhoto: Aroma Restaurant

A place with a romantic atmosphere in the heart of Rome, with a great view on the magnificent Colosseum.

Where: via Labicana 125
Price: from 130 euro for a couple


Restaurant №3: La Terrazza

La TerrazzePhoto: La Terrazze

La Terrace Restaurant at the Sofitel hotel is a place where you can perfectly combine a fine cuisine with a dizzying view of the capital.

Where: via Lombardia 47
Price: from 70 euro per person


Restaurant №4: Albergo del Senato Terrace Bar

Rooftop Terrace Bar
Photo: Albergo del Senato Terrace Bar

Albergo del Senato Terrace Bar is located in the Rome historic center, opposite the ancient Roman Pantheon temple and offers its guests an unforgettable view.

Where: Piazza della Rotonda 73
Price: from 7 euro per person


Restaurant №5: Terrazze Bramante Restaurant

Terrazze Bramante
Photo: Terrazze Bramante

The restaurant will delight visitors with season menu, creative approach, organic and vegetarian cuisine and of course a wonderful view of the Eternal City.

Where: Largo Febo 2
Price: from 35 euro per person


Bar №6: I Sofa Bar Restaurant & Roof Terrace

I Sofa Bar Restaurant
Photo: I Sofa Bar Restaurant

The restaurant is located on the roof of the Indigo Hotel in the heart of the eternal city, where opens a stunning view on Rome.

Where: via Giulia 62
Price: from 6 euro per person


Restaurant №7: Terrazza Paradiso

Restaurant Terrazza ParadisoPhoto: Terrazza Paradiso

From the terrace of the restaurant opens a unique view of the high hills and castles and the eternal city, which within the night lights shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow.

Where: via Giovanni Vitelleschi 34
Price: from 35 euro for a couple


Bar №8: La Terrazza del Cesari

Cesari Restaurant
Photo: La Terrazza del Cesari

The cocktail bar on the terrace of the Cesari hotel offers to spend an excellent evening in a comfy place with a view on the majestic Pantheon.

Where: via di Pietra 89
Price: from 5 euro per rerson


Lounge bar №9: Gladiatore

Lounge-bar GladiatorePhoto: Lounge-bar Gladiatore

A quiet green garden with palm trees, a cozy rooftop terrace with breathtaking views of the old buildings and churches, will help to plunge into the pleasant atmosphere of the city.

Where: via dei Pettinari 64
Price: from 5 euro per person


Restaurant №10: on the terrasse of Hotel Genio

Restaurant on the terrace of Hotel GenioPhoto: restaurant on the terrasse of Hotel Genio

The charming hotel palace in a Neo-Renaissance style is placed in a stone's throw from Piazza Navona, the Pantheon and Campo di Fiori.

Where: via Giuseppe Zanardelli 28
Price: from 70 euro for a couple


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