Neptune's Grotto on Sardinia

The majestic grotto near the town of Alghero, with an underground lake, stalactites and luxurious rooms reminiscent of the palace of the king.


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Neptune's Grotto

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Neptune's Grotto is located a few kilometers from the town of Alghero, and it is a labyrinth of underground passages, magnificent halls and natural columns.

The cave has several halls, are particularly noteworthy Hall Ruins, Music and Organ Hall, where the hanging stalactites resemble musical instruments, Royal Hall - there is very tall column. Beautiful Lake Lamarmora covers the "floor" of the cave, and a bright light makes the entire grotto iridescent work of natural art.

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Walk the breakneck stairs Scala del Capriolo on Sardinia
Eugene Krasowski Walk the breakneck stairs Scala del Capriolo#5 of 26 things to do on Sardinia

Go down to the Neptune's Grotto on the long stairs, offering a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Visit Neptune's Grotto on Sardinia
Eugene Krasowski Visit Neptune's Grotto#11 of 26 things to do on Sardinia

Go down into the subterranean abode of the god of the seas and oceans, stroll among the stalagmites and touch the cold waters of Lake Lamarmora.

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Guest23 May 2017

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