Top-5 dishes that are definitely worth trying in Milan

Start your gastronomic tour through Milan with Oddviser and try the most delicious Italian dishes!


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Many travelers in Milan try pizza and pasta, considering that these Italian dishes are the most delicious in Milan. However Oddviser wants to introduce you to a selection of other dishes that are very popular among local residents, the existence of which many travelers do not even know.

Finally, top-5 dishes that are definitely worth trying in Milan:

1. Ossobuco

Delicious Milanese dish of veal shank, served with traditional risotto.


2. Risotto Milanese

It can not be so easy to leave Milan and not try such a bright and extremely tasty dish like risotto - especially because it is served in any restaurant!


3. Cotoletta alla Milanese

Popular Milan meat dish - steak in breadcrumbs, served with a garnish of vegetables or risotto.


4. Panzerotti

Fried cake with various fillings is an excellent replacement for street food in Milan.


5. Panettone

For holidays in Milan you can buy cakes, which are called panettone. They are prepared from soggy dough with candied fruit and raisins.




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