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Top-4 original cheeses in Milan

Oddviser prepared a guide with famous Milan cheeses for you, that are very tasty and have unusual flavour. You should certainly try it!


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Milan is not only the capital of fashion, but it is also a birthplace of the most delicious cheeses of Italy. You can take home some cheese as a souvenir, or have a picnic in any park. Buy different cheeses from this pick, take some bread and a bottle of white Italian wine and go ahead!

Finally, top-4 cheeses that are definitely worth trying in Milan:

1. Grana padano

The main parmesan competitor, it has grainy structure and unusual nutty aftertaste.


2. Gorgonzola

This moldy cheese which is produced in a small village near Milan, will be an excellent choice for wine.


3. Stracchino

Fat cream cheese with a little bitterness is perfect for sandwiches.


4. Mascarpone

Cream cheese with a very delicate flavor. It is often used to prepare tiramisu.




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