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Try stracchino cheese in Milan

Soft cheese with a slight bitterness is best spread on bread, take a bottle of wine and have a picnic in a quiet area of Milan.


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Try stracchino cheese

#20 of 29 things to do in Milan
Stracchino (or crescenza) is a white cheese 30-day ageing, it has a slightly bitter flavor and oily texture. This cheese can be bought in the supermarket, or you can order a sandwich with stracchino in trattoria.

Most often in restaurants and trattorias stracchino cheese is served with toasted bread and it is called crostini, or with a thin pancake (piadina), and is also used as an ingredient for pizza.

If you decide to purchase a package of cheese in the supermarket, remember that the storage period should not exceed 14 days.

How much?

price per package of cheese (250 grams) in a supermarket is around €4.


Guest25 July 2017

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