Try risotto Milanese in Milan

You need to taste an unusual saturated yellow rice with saffron and wine only in its homeland.


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Try risotto Milanese

#19 of 30 things to do in Milan
Nobody knows exactly how was created the famous risotto Milanese, however, there is a legend about the builder, who in all his paints added saffron and they became very saturated. Architect teased builder, considering that he probably even had added saffron to his dishes. The builder did not take offense, but decided to play a trick with the architect at the wedding of his daughter. He poured saffron in rice and waited for the bewildered cries, but the guests were delighted with the food, and in that day, according to locals, was born risotto Milanese.

Now it is served in any of the restaurants around Milan, it consists of wine, bone marrow, Carnaroli rice and, of course, saffron.

How much?

from €15 to €18 for a portion.


Guest22 July 2017

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