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Things to do 27

#19Try risotto Milanese in MilanTry risotto MilaneseLIFEisGOOD

You need to taste an unusual saturated yellow rice with saffron and wine only in its homeland.

#1Go stilt fishing in GalleGo stilt fishingLIFEisGOOD

Stilt fishing is an old Sri Lankan way of catching fish. But today it is rather performance for island's visitors than fishing industry.

Koggala Beach
#5Climb up the the roof of 16-story building in ChernobylClimb up the the roof of 16-story buildingLIFEisGOOD

From one of the highest Pripyat building's top you can see all the ghost-city.

FREEUSSR 16-story building
#13See human bone chandelier in PragueSee human bone chandelierLIFEisGOOD

Human bone and skull candelabrum is hanging inside the cemetery burial vault in Sedlec.

Sedlec Ossuary
#10Watch mechanized Prague chime performance in PragueWatch mechanized Prague chime performanceLIFEisGOOD

Daily from 8.00 till 20.00 on Old Town Square the bells chime showing mechanized performance.

FREEOld Town Hall
#7Play petanque in ZurichPlay petanqueLIFEisGOOD

It's quite common thing among locals to get together on Lindenhoff hill to play petanque. Join them, they'll make rules of the game clear for you.

FREELindenhof hill
#5Try Sacher cake in ViennaTry Sacher cakeLIFEisGOOD

Chocolate cake Sacher with almonds and brandy is a traditional Viennese dessert that is served in all the confectioneries around Austria.

#3Go to the Schonbrunn Zoo in ViennaGo to the Schonbrunn ZooLIFEisGOOD

Schonbrunn Zoo is the oldest in the world. It harbours 500 species of animals, including rare ones: Amur lions and giant pandas.

€19Schonbrunn Palace
#41See the Ancient Egyptian Sphinx in ParisSee the Ancient Egyptian SphinxLIFEisGOOD

You can see the famous sphinx not only in Egypt but also in Paris. A whole exposition of ancient Egyptian art is exposed in the Louvre.

€15The Louvre
#3Go surfing in BaliGo surfingLIFEisGOOD

You'll find everything for exciting surfing on beaches in Canggu area - lots of surfing spots, board rental, surfing classes and camps.

#2Walk along the Vintgar gorge in LjubljanaWalk along the Vintgar gorgeLIFEisGOOD

Take a walk down the narrow suspended path along the canyon over the mountain river.

€5Vintgar gorge
#16See the oldest clock in ZurichSee the oldest clockLIFEisGOOD

Beyer Clock and Watch Museum keeps 500 exhibit items of oil, electronic and mechanical clocks and watches. The oldest exhibit was made in 1400 BC.

CHF 8Beyer Clock and Watch Museum
#13See dinosaur eggs in ZurichSee dinosaur eggsLIFEisGOOD

Look at petrified egg laying of dinosaur in their natural size. The museum is located a 30-minute drive from Zurich. It is opened from 10 am till 5 pm, Monday is a day off.

CHF 21Dinosaur Museum
#6See Belgian Minister's of Finance boxers in BrusselsSee Belgian Minister's of Finance boxersLIFEisGOOD

One of the exhibit items of Celebrities Underwear Museum is Minister of Finance Didier Reynders' boxers.

Underwear Museum
#3Try beaver meet steak in MontrealTry beaver meet steakLIFEisGOOD

Beaver meat is the most expensive in Canada. The steaks are served in the shape of the beaver tail.

#2Try grilled beavertail in MontrealTry grilled beavertailLIFEisGOOD

Beavertail is traditionally grilled outdoor. In pubs it serves with beer and for a special occasion. Its taste better than its smell.

CAD 15
#9Try balsam Unicum in BudapestTry balsam UnicumLIFEisGOOD

The bitter liqueur made of 40 herbs, the recipe of which is kept secret, has become a gastronomic symbol of Hungary.

#11Visit magnificent Majorelle botanic garden in MarrakeshVisit magnificent Majorelle botanic gardenLIFEisGOOD

This stunning place served as a source of inspiration for the great fashion designer Yves Sen-Laurent.

MAD 70Majorelle Garden
#2See city panorama from Diana tower in Karlovy VarySee city panorama from Diana towerLIFEisGOOD

Goethe and Freud came here to see the city and Karlovy Vary forests.

FREEDiana tower
#8Ride in a hop-on/hop-off boat in CopenhagenRide in a hop-on/hop-off boatLIFEisGOOD

You can join an excursion group or leave it at any stop you wish.

DKK 99Nyhavn
#4Climb to Rundetaarn's top in CopenhagenClimb to Rundetaarn's topLIFEisGOOD

7-layer spiral stairs leads to the tower's top. It is open from 10am till 8pm in summer, from October till April - till 6pm.

DKK 25Rundetaarn
#3Climb up to the Church of Our Saviour bell tower in CopenhagenClimb up to the Church of Our Saviour bell towerLIFEisGOOD

Spiral stairs leads up: first - inside the church, then - on the outside of the bell!

DKK 35Church of Our Saviour
#14Ride in a motor ship down the Vistula in KrakowRide in a motor ship down the VistulaLIFEisGOOD

Cruisers run from May till September (every hour starting from 9 am till the last customer - even at night).

zł20The Vistula river
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