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See city panorama from Diana towerin Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

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Goethe and Freud came here to see the city and Karlovy Vary forests.
How to see city panorama from Diana tower in Karlovy Vary
It's been more than 100 years since Diana tower is the main observation deck in the city. From this point you can see the Ore Mountains, the Doupov Mountains, Karlovy Vary outskirts, and when the weather is clear you can see even the Fichtel mountain range in German.

A view from Diana observation deck, Karlovy Vary

How to do?

1. You can come up to the tower on foot along the marked paths through the forest (it takes 20-40 minutes), by bicycle and also by funicular - the station is situated near Grandhotel Papp on Mariánská Street, it departs every 15 minutes.

Funicular trip lasts 3 minutes, Karlovy Vary
Photo: Funicular trip lasts 3 minutes

2. Entrance to the tower is free. The observation deck is placed at the height of 35 meters - take 150 steps up or ride a lift.

Diana Tower entrance, Karlovy Vary
Photo: Diana Tower entrance

Where to do?

#1Diana towerDiana tower

From the observation deck of 40-meter tower you can admire splendid view of Karlovy Vary within a radius of 70 kilometers.

Location: Vrch přátelství 5/1
Open hours: November-March from 9am till 4:45pm, April-October - till 5:45pm, May-September - till 6:45pm.
Phone: +420 777 77 40 40
Official website: https://dianakv.cz/ru

When to do?

Every day from November till March (9am - 4:45pm), from April till October (9am - 5:45pm), from May till September (9am - 6:45pm).

Funicular works 15 minutes more after tower closing.

How much?

The entrance to the tower is free. One-way funicular ticket for adults is 45 korunas, two-way ticket - 80 korunas.
One-way ticket for 6-15-year-old children - 25 korunas and 40 korunas for two-way ticket.

For children under 6 the ride is free.
Carrying you bike on-board - 40 korunas.

Tips and hints

Paying only in korunas and in cash.
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