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What to do in Karlovy Vary —
10 things to do

12places to visitin Karlovy Vary

10 things to do in Karlovy Vary

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#1Try oplatky in Karlovy VaryTry oplatkyCherry

They are two thin wafers with all kinds of fillings - chocolate, pepper, cherry, etc. They are cooked only with the water from Karlovy Vary springs.

#2See city panorama from Diana tower in Karlovy VarySee city panorama from Diana towerLIFEisGOOD

Goethe and Freud came here to see the city and Karlovy Vary forests.

FREEDiana tower
#3Take a beer bath in Karlovy VaryTake a beer bathSunshine

In Czech Pivni Lazne you can immerse into beer! The price includes limitless amount of tap beer :-)

#4See a hot spring in Karlovy VarySee a hot springLIFEisGOOD

Water in the hot spring spurts up to 12 meters, it is used in medicine and to produce mineral salt. Come here from 9am till 5pm to see it.

FREESpring colonnade
#5Drink water from a hot spring in Karlovy VaryDrink water from a hot springHarper Fuller

Five columns surround mineral water hot spring. Water here is of different temperature. You can drink it from 9am till 5pm.

FREESpring colonnade
#6Descend into hot spring underground in Karlovy VaryDescend into hot spring undergroundklia balo

Here Karlovy Vary souvenirs covered with Argonite are made. You can take an excursion in summer from 11am till 5pm.

Kč160Spring colonnade
#7Try all kinds of Becherovka in Karlovy VaryTry all kinds of Becherovkaklia balo

In Jan Becher Museum you can take an excursion from Tuesday till Sunday (9am-5pm), Becherovka tasting included.

Kč120Jan Becher Museum
#8Descend into Mary Magdalene Church crypt in Karlovy VaryDescend into Mary Magdalene Church cryptoddviser

Remains from the closed cemetery surrounding the church till 1784 are kept here.

FREEMary Magdalene Church
#9See glass items blowing in Karlovy VarySee glass items blowingoddviser

While making crystal, skilled workers add unique colours and don't use lead. Polishing and engraving they do by hands. You can watch glass masterpiece creating from 9am till 2:30pm.

Kč120Moser museum
#10Visit International Film Festival in Karlovy VaryVisit International Film FestivalHarper Fuller

The festival takes place every year in July in Thermal Hotel. Tickets are available at the box office on the day of opening.

Kč250Spa Hotel Thermal
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