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What to see in Karlovy Vary —
12 places to visit

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12 places to visit in Karlovy Vary


#1Diana towerDiana tower

From the observation deck of 40-meter tower you can admire splendid view of Karlovy Vary within a radius of 70 kilometers.

#2Spring colonnadeSpring colonnade

Under the cupola of the colonnade 72°C-temperature water spring spouts - for visitors it is cooled off to 30°C.

#3Mill colonnadeMill colonnade

The Colonnade was build in XIX century for five springs at a time; all the fives have different properties.

#4Market colonnadeMarket colonnade

Market colonnade includes two springs: Market one and Charles IV is the other.

#5Park ColonnadePark Colonnade

Under the arch of the park colonnade you'll find Park, Snake and Freedom springs.

#6Castle colonnadeCastle colonnade

Near the Market Colonnade there is one more - the Castle Colonnade. Inside it you'll find the Upper and the Lower Springs.

#7Jan Becher MuseumJan Becher Museum

The museum is situated on the territory of the factory where Becherovka has been produced for 100 years already. Here you'll also find a shop with souvenir Becherovka bottles.

#8Mary Magdalene ChurchMary Magdalene Church

In the very centre of Karlovy Vary, across from the Hot Spring colonnade the Baroque temple stands. It's got the status of special historical site and it is under guard of the state.

#9Moser museumMoser museum

The museum is placed on the territory of glass work factory. There are more than 2 thousand pieces of glass items. It is open on Monday-Friday from 9am till 5pm.

#10Spa Hotel ThermalSpa Hotel Thermal

Spa hotel is located in the city centre next to the spring of mineral water. This is the place where Karlovy Vary International Film Festival take place annually.

#11Bečov nad Teplou castleBečov nad Teplou castle

Bečov nad Teplou castle is located 25 kilometers from Karlovy Vary. It was build in XIV century; at the end of XX century the skeletal remains of St. Maurus were found here.

#12Loket CastleLoket Castle

The castle is 15 kilometers from Karlovy Vary. Legends go that it is haunted. No wonder, the castle used to be a prison and a place of tortures.

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