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Ride in a hop-on/hop-off boatin Copenhagen, Denmark

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How to ride in a hop-on/hop-off boat in Copenhagen
The boat ride lasts 1,5 hour. You'll see Christiansborg Palace, Danmarks Nationalbank, the Copenhagen Opera House, the Little Mermaid, Church of Our Saviour and the Royal Library.

How to do?

1. Motor cruiser departs from the Nyhavn and Gammel Strand. Check out the stop itinerary here.

2. The guide on board conducts excursion in English and in Danish and one more language you can choose - German, Italian, French or Spanish. In some boats audioguide in 11 languages is available - check it with the guide.

Where to do?


Central harbour of Copenhagen - it used to be a commercial port, and today it is a resort place of the city Bohemia.

When to do?

From April, 29 till September, 17 the boat runs daily from 10:20am till 5pm. It departs every 30-45 minutes.
From September, 18 till April - daily from 10am till 3:20pm. The boat departs every 20-45 minutes.

How much?

Adult ticket - DKK 110, 6-15-year-old children - DKK 55, for children under 5 - free.


Guest13 April 2024

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#1Visit Christiania hippie commune in CopenhagenVisit Christiania hippie communeDarina

"City in the city - Christiania is for you and me". Take a stroll around the quarter of hippie and painters.

Freetown Christiania
#6Attend the Danish Parliament session in CopenhagenAttend the Danish Parliament sessionAnna Tet

A number of seats in the visitor's gallery are limited.

FREEChristiansborg Palace
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