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13things to do
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Visit Christiania hippie communein Copenhagen, Denmark

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"City in the city - Christiania is for you and me". Take a stroll around the quarter of hippie and painters.
How to visit Christiania hippie commune in Copenhagen
In 1970s Danish anarchists and hippies "occupied" the quarter with barracks and announced the creating of Freetown Christiania - commune based on principles of freedom and equality. It was followed by government's tries to disperse the commune and sell out the land and citizens' pushback. As the result Christiania became semi-autonomous.

Citizens of free town - it's about one thousand people - build houses by themselves and come to this task with big creativity. There are restaurants, theatres, yoga studios, clubs (once Bob Dylan performed in one of them), shops and Pusher Street - here soft drugs are free to buy (but hard drugs are strictly forbidden as well as cars and bikes).

, Copenhagen
Photo © Gregory Donovan

, Copenhagen
Photo © ambidextrous steve

Every year more than one million tourists visit this place - mainly in summer and at Christmas - replenishing the budget of Christiania. By the way, any kind of business here belongs to the commune, and decisions are made collectively.

, Copenhagen
Photo © Keith Shaw

How to do?

1. Freetown is placed in the centre of Copenhagen: at the intersection of Prinsessegade and Pusher Streets. Orienting point is the Church of our Saviour with a spiral stairs leading to the bell-tower.

, Copenhagen
Photo © shifo666|flickr

2. On the main street with a rather calling name Pusher Street you'll find stands with hashish. It is forbidden to take pics here, but it's allowed to smoke "right then and there".

, Copenhagen
Photo © Alvin Collantes

In Christiania you can buy and it's not forbidden hand-made accessories and souvenirs, pictures, clothes, bikes. In winter you can visit Christmas markets.

3. You can easily go around the whole territory - it occupies just a third of square kilometer abundant with graffiti, odd art objects and painted buildings.

Graffiti, Christiania,
Photo: Graffiti, Christiania, © Tomáš Pastorek

, Copenhagen
Photo © Ellen Hoth

Christiania, Copenhagen
Photo © Mikael Colville-Andersen

, Copenhagen
Photo © Sabrina Ariana

, Copenhagen
Photo © Nina Lex

Where to do?

#1Freetown ChristianiaFreetown Christiania

Non-official "city within the city" with the population of about one thousand of people. Cars and bulletproof vests are forbidden, but soft drugs are allowed.


Guest24 June 2024

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