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Go stilt fishingin Galle, Sri Lanka

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Stilt fishing is an old Sri Lankan way of catching fish. But today it is rather performance for island's visitors than fishing industry.
How to go stilt fishing in Galle
Stilt fishing could bite the dust, but thanks to travellers' curiosity it didn't. In the south west Sri Lanka the beach is a kind of working place for the locals - they take the seat on a stilt, cast a fishing rod and wait... not for fish biting, but for somebody like you who are eager to try unusual activity.

Koggala, Stilt fishing, Galle

Fishing rod is simple - rod itself and fishing line. No need in float - when it's biting you'll feel a little vibration

How to do?

1. Come to Koggala Beach; it is a 15-minute taxi ($10) or bus ($0,5) drive from Galle. If you know what it is like to ride in a bus on Sri Lanka, you'll definitely choose a taxi.

2. Fish bites the best early in the morning or evening, go fishing earlier. The only things you need are fishing line and a needle, Sri Lanlkan fishermen will gladly give up their stilt seats to you for extra pay or they can even lend their tackle.

Koggala, The locals would love to teach you fishing on a stilt, Galle

3. The main thing is to climb the stilt and take hold till the first catch. Big fish strike can always be found at the fish market in Sri Lanka.

Koggala, Fish Market, Galle

Where to do?

#1Koggala BeachKoggala Beach

Beach in the western coast of Sri Lanka is pretty well-liked among surfers. And local fishermen got adjusted to catch fish despite of heavy wave breaking.

Location: Koggala village

When to do?

Any day early in the morning.

How much?

Depends on your bargain skill:-)


Guest24 June 2024

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