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Swim with turtlesin Galle, Sri Lanka

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Turtles on Sri Lanka swim and take shots with you for a good reason! They do this favour to get food! And they succeed in the trick!
How to swim with turtles in Galle
Olive turtles in the Indian Ocean are predators by their nature (they eat jelly-fish, shrimp and crabs), but actually there is no need in hunting as people are always glad to feed the creatures.

In the morning turtles swim up to Hikkaduwa beach to make people happy by eating laminaria from their hands. Swim with turtles while the latter sun their carapaces on soundings. By the way, carapaces of old olive turtles can reach the size of 60-70 centimeters and weight of 40 kilos.

Hikkaduwa, The turtles near Sri Lanka sore got used to eat right from the hands, Galle

How to do?

1. The best time when you can meet turtles is in the morning when it is a fair weather and there are no heavy waves. Come to Hikkaduwa beach, you'll recognize the place by crowds of tourists in the lagoon near the Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa hotel.

2. Get the snorkeling mask and bunch of laminaria (seaweed). First bait the animals as hungry turtle is an angry turtle. Moreover from 7 till 10 am they have scheduled breakfast. After the meal you can pat turtles, take pictures with them or swim around. But don't ride a big turtle - as it can give a butt unintentionally... or intentionally:)

Hikkaduwa, After the breakfast, the turtles go further away from the shore, Galle
Photo: Hikkaduwa, After the breakfast, the turtles go further away from the shore, © Keith Wilson

Where to do?

#2Hikkaduwa BeachHikkaduwa Beach

The friendliest turtles of the island inhabit exactly this beach! You can feed laminaria to them, pat and even take a ride on their carapace.

Location: Hikkaduwa

When to do?

Turtles on Hikkaduwa got used to having breakfast daily from 7:00 till 10:00.

Tips and hints

Don't stick your fingers out while feeding the turtles - they can easily bite human bone in two.
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Guest24 June 2024

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