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Things to do 26

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#9Buy a traditional Arab coffee pot dallah in DubaiBuy a traditional Arab coffee pot dallahMickey Collins

When shopping for souvenirs, consider buying a traditional Arabian coffee pot dallah.

AED 20
#4Listen to opera at La Scala in MilanListen to opera at La ScalaMickey Collins

Visit one of the most famous opera houses in the world where the great operas premiered.

€25La Scala theater
#1Take a walk across the Charles Bridge in PragueTake a walk across the Charles BridgeMickey Collins

By the Gothic towers and sculptures on the bridge you can read the whole history of Prague.

FREECharles Bridge
#10Listen to Holy Masse in the basilica San Marco in VeniceListen to Holy Masse in the basilica San MarcoMickey Collins

Mingle with the locals and listen to Holy Masse in the basilica San Marco, like a true Venetian.

FREESt. Mark's Basilica
#7Dive from the catamaran in lake Kournas on CreteDive from the catamaran in lake KournasMickey Collins

You can rent a catamaran, ride to the middle of the lake and enjoy the warm waters.

€7Kournas lake
#24Buy a Venetian mask in VeniceBuy a Venetian maskMickey Collins

Venetian mask is one of the most brilliant souvenir that you can find in Venice.

#15Try Ouzo on CreteTry OuzoMickey Collins

Come into a small tavern and order ouzo - anisette beverage, which you should drink with fried octopus.

#13Feed the wild geese and ducks near the lake Kournas on CreteFeed the wild geese and ducks near the lake KournasMickey Collins

Feed from the hands the wild geese and ducks that live in the bush and totally not afraid of anybody :)

FREEKournas lake
#2Swim with turtles in GalleSwim with turtlesMickey Collins

Turtles on Sri Lanka swim and take shots with you for a good reason! They do this favour to get food! And they succeed in the trick!

FREEHikkaduwa Beach
#1Ford the ocean on MannarFord the oceanMickey Collins

Got no money to fly from Sri Lanka to India? Go on foot! And don't take your stuff!

Adam's Bridge
#8Go white shark diving in Cape TownGo white shark divingMickey Collins

Go for a diving to meet the white sharks, — a cold shiver down your spine from the thought that you are separated only by flimsy metal rods :)

ZAR 1500
#24Try the Cretan mountain tea on CreteTry the Cretan mountain teaMickey Collins

Crete is famous for its herbal teas, so in the evening you can relax with a cup of this drink of mountains in cozy cafe.

#1Ride in Fondue tram in ZurichRide in Fondue tramMickey Collins

Excursion round Zurich in German along with snacks, drinks and limitless cheese fondue.

CHF 89Bellevue tram stop
#1Cross the bridge of immortal in HangzhouCross the bridge of immortalMickey Collins

Walking bridge over the Huangshan Mountains is called Fairy Bridge. A few decades earlier, only immortal could cross it...

CNY 230Huangshan National Park
#25Try feta on CreteTry fetaMickey Collins

Try the best Greek cheese, which was recognized around the world and brought a small package to your relatives.

#36Visit the unusual Acqua Alta bookshop in VeniceVisit the unusual Acqua Alta bookshopMickey Collins

Visit the most unusual bookshop in Venice, where you can find a gondola in the center of the shop, cats, that walking around and any book.

Libreria Acqua Alta
#1Take a ride through the Andes on a train top in AlausiTake a ride through the Andes on a train topMickey Collins

In Ecuador there is a functioning train with a viewing platform on the top.

$32Alausi Railway Station
#3Ride Sri Lankan train in Nuwara EliyaRide Sri Lankan trainMickey Collins

Railway line from Ella to Kandy lies along tea plantations and mountains - take a ride in a Sri Lankan train and witness the pristine beauty!

LKR 30Ella
#1Snorkel with whitetip reef sharks in TrincomaleeSnorkel with whitetip reef sharksMickey Collins

Feel free and go snorkeling with whitetip reef sharks and turtles on the shore of coral Pigeon island.

FREEPigeon Island National Park
#1See a peacock in KataragamaSee a peacockMickey Collins

Proud peacocks in Yala sanctuary flirt with peacock-hens out in the open - they fluff their tail and perform their mating dance.

LKR 1925Yala National Park
#4Buy a hammock at Masaya market in ManaguaBuy a hammock at Masaya marketMickey Collins

Near the Masaya Volcano National Park you will find the best hammocks in the world - tightly woven and colorful.

#14See modern earth houses in ZurichSee modern earth housesMickey Collins

In Dietikon, the western suburban area of Zurich, they build mud huts from eco-materials and without quoins.

#26Go up the Falling tower in Abu DhabiGo up the Falling towerMickey Collins

A skyscraper Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi is called the Falling Tower. Its slope is 4.5 times more than a slope of Pisan Tower.

AED 45The Capital Gate
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