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Go white shark divingin Cape Town, South Africa

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Go for a diving to meet the white sharks, — a cold shiver down your spine from the thought that you are separated only by flimsy metal rods :)
How to go white shark diving in Cape Town
The seawater of Cape Town is full of large white sharks. Swimming here is not safe, but you can dive with predators in a specially equipped iron cage.

Shark diving preparation, Cape Town
Photo: Shark diving preparation, © Manoel Lemos

How to do?

1. Boats that will take you to the white sharks, depart from the Kleinbaai harbour in the city of Gansbaai, that you can reach by a route # 2 from Cape Town, turning to the R43 near the city of Bot River.
2. A 15-20-minutes way on the excursion boat and prepared cage for immersion is right in the front of you. Lure monsters won't make you to wait long - a sea trip with diving will take 4 hours.

Shark diving, Cape Town
Photo: Shark diving, © Eoin O'Reilly

3. When predators arrive do not hold out your hand for greeting — they do greet very painfully :)

Shark diving in Gansbaai Harbour, Cape Town

Better take a selfie with shark trying to get its prey from the cage :)

Shark diving, Cape Town

When to do?

From May to August when the sharks hunt closer to the bank.

How much?

Adventure cost (ZAR1500 per person) includes: boat and equipment rent, diving, snacks on board and lunch on arrival to harbor.

Tips and hints

You must be certified as a scuba diver. Take warm clothes, sunscreen if necessary, travell sickness pills and underwater camera.


Guest25 September 2023

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