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Got no money to fly from Sri Lanka to India? Go on foot! And don't take your stuff!
How to ford the ocean on Mannar
Between Sri Lanka and South bank of India there is underwater range from sand, corrals and limestone that is 4 kilometers wide. Hindus call it Rama's Bridge, and Moslems - Adam's Bridge. The latter believes Adam stepped on the earth on Ceylon and crossing this bridge he reached the continent.

Adam's Bridge bird's eye view, Mannar

Sacred for Hindus bridge makes a lot of problems for the Indian Ocean logistic: big vessels have to bend round Sri Lanka not to get stuck in the shallowness - it takes another 30 hours.

How to do?

1. Adam's bridge begins at the most westerly north end point of Mannar island. (Mannar is connected with Sri Lanka by railway and highway) and goes through the ocean to Rameswaram island in the south east of India. The most part of the bridge is covered by water, but not more than one meter deep. So fording the ocean from Sri Lanka is like a piece of cake.

Adam's Bridge, Mannar

2. It'll take you 10-11 hours to get over 50 kilometers, it equals light day on Sri Lanka in December. Hit the road at daybreak to cross Adam's bridge at daylight. Think ahead of overnight stop on the mainland.

Mannar, Adam's Bridge is not an uninhabited island, Mannar
Photo: Mannar, Adam's Bridge is not an uninhabited island, © 1

3. If you were lucky to ford the ocean, don't do the trick again - nature is pretty unpredictable. Take a ferry to get back.

Where to do?

#1Adam's BridgeAdam's Bridge

Lines of islands and shallows that is 48 kilometers long connects Sri Lanka and India.

When to do?

The best time is December when the light day is the longest.

Tips and hints

Before hitting the road apply sunscreen, put on a bucket hat and grab inflatable lifebuoy ring.


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