Majorelle Garden in Marrakesh

If you want to see something amazing and exciting, visit the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech. This place truly attracts and flows in your soul as a good and pleasant dream.


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Majorelle Garden

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The Majorelle Garden had being designed by the French artist Jaqcues Majorelle for about forty years and in the early 20’s it took its actual state.

The park design is performed in bright colors - everywhere you can see contrasting pots with exotic plants. The color palette of facades and small decorative objects varies from soft blue to deep blue.

The Majorelle Garden contains many tropical and Mediterranean plant and tree species. In addition, there are restaurants and fountains, birds and even horse-drawn carriages.

On the territory of the Majorelle Garden located a huge villa, which once lived a famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. Now this is a house museum dedicated to his works!

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Visit magnificent Majorelle botanic garden in Marrakesh
LIFEisGOODVisit magnificent Majorelle botanic garden#11 of 12 things to do in Marrakesh

This stunning place served as a source of inspiration for the great fashion designer Yves Sen-Laurent.

How much: from 70 dirhams#strolling#natureMajorelle Garden
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Location: Rue Yves Saint Laurent

Open hours

daily from 8:00 am till 5:30 pm


Guest20 July 2017

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