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Tafraoute townin Marrakesh, Morocco

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This town looks as if rooted in the surrounding rocks. Tafraoute is famous for the unique land-art by a Belgian artist who left a trace in the history in the form of rocks painted blue.
Tafraoute town, Marrakesh
The small town of Tafraoute is located in beautiful surroundings, where majestic cliffs unite harmoniously with neat houses and well-kept trees. Perhaps, Tafraoute would not be famous all over the world, if not for the work of a Belgian artist who painted in blue huge rocks in the Atlas Mountains near the town. These colored rocks can be seen at a distance of three kilometers, from the village Aguerd-Udad.

Having visited these places, you should also go down to the valley of Ameln. The valley, surrounding Tafraoute, is a collection of bizarre pink rocks. On your way into the town, you can see some beautiful mosques. You can see the images of the same mosques in a special series of Moroccan postcards.

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#7Visit the Valley of the Blue Rocks in MarrakeshVisit the Valley of the Blue Rocksoddviser

Have a look at the odd blue rocks of the Atlas Mountains. This masterpiece is not at a miracle of the nature, but the most unusual work of art.

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Guest17 June 2024

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