See extraordinary optical illusion in the church of Santa Maria in Milan

Here you will see an optical illusion, conceived the brilliant architect of 600 years ago!


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See extraordinary optical illusion in the church of Santa Maria

#6 of 30 things to do in Milan
In a small church near Piazza Duomo you will see an unusual optical illusion, which was conceived by genius architect Donato Bramante, a friend of Leonardo da Vinci, approximately 600 years ago.

Inside the church is the altar with the image of the Madonna. Stand in front of it - and you will see how the columns of the apse (altar) go deep into a couple of meters, and the altar seems spacious and wide.

Now come close to the altar - and you will realize that it is completely flat! This amazing illusion was conceived by the architect - once he was forbidden to demolish the public house, in the place which he planned to offer a real altar, and Donato Bramante decided to use the reception using the illusion of perspective.

Where to do?

Church of Santa Maria in Milan
Church of Santa Maria#4 of 14 places to visit in Milan

This secret place near Piazza Duomo is an island of peace and tranquility amongst the hustle and bustling city.

Location: Via Torino, 17/19
Open hours: from 7:30 am to 7 pm

How much?

free entrance.


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