Try gelato artigianale in Milan

Do not forget to visit gelateria in Milan and try an unusual variety of ice cream, which is prepared only here.


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Try gelato artigianale

#12 of 30 things to do in Milan
gelato artigianale means ice cream, prepared by hand without the addition of dyes and flavor enhancers. In every town of Italy you can find private gelaterias, which serves a wide variety of ice cream flavors. Gelato production is an art, and in every gelateria working professionals, competing among themselves for the right to be considered the best.

There are many gelaterias in Milan, but you should pay attention to the Grom gelateria, next to La Scala.

Gelato here is prepared only from natural ingredients and offer a variety of options for ice cream. If you are a lover of chocolate, try to gelato with Sacher cake taste, and if you want something unusual, we recommend the caramel with salt.

Near gelateria you will see benches, on which you can sit and enjoy the taste of the unusual gelato, and then go for another portion :)

Where to do?

Grom Gelateria in Milan
Grom Gelateria#9 of 14 places to visit in Milan

This well-known throughout Italy gelateria network offers a range of delicious ice cream, prepared without additives and dyes.

Location: via Santa Margherita, 16
Open hours: from 11:30 am to 11:30 pm

How much?

small serving it is about €2,5 and extra large is €5,5.


Guest22 July 2017

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