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San Siro Stadiumin Milan, Italy

#13of 14 places to visitin Milan

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30 things to doin Milan
This stadium is popular as the Duomo and La Scala, here hosts concerts and major football matches.
San Siro Stadium, Milan
San Siro Stadium is also called Giuseppe Meazza. All depends on the fan of the club you are - Milan or Inter. When the stadium was renamed Giuseppe Meazza, fans of Milan continued to call it San Siro, and since then the stadium has two names.

The stadium held a major football matches as well as concerts of world stars, because it is one of the largest and most famous stadiums in the world.

Under the stands of the southern gate of the stadium is a museum where are the trophies, medals, awards major clubs - Milan and Inter.

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#25Watch football at the San Siro stadium in MilanWatch football at the San Siro stadiumoddviser

Even if you are not a true football fan, then you should still visit the football game here!

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San Siro Stadium on the map

Location: Piazzale Angelo Moratti

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#7Gucci Café in MilanGucci Café

Gucci Caféis a popular place among Milanese shoppers, where you can drink coffee and take the sweets with Gucci logo.

#3La Scala theater in MilanLa Scala theater

The temple of opera in Milan, La Scala was reborn from its ashes after World War II and is now considered one of the best opera houses in the world.

#14Bar Basso in MilanBar Basso

A famous place for connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages, here has been invented the famous cocktail Negroni sbagliato and here you can feel the atmosphere of the past century.

#12Museo del Novecento in MilanMuseo del Novecento

Unique Museum of Modern Art, which contains masterpieces of the great artists of the past century. The museum's collection consists of works by Picasso, Matisse and others.

#8Luini Panzerotti in MilanLuini Panzerotti

Famous Luini Panzerotti is near to the Milan Cathedral and very popular among locals.

#11Naviglio Grande in MilanNaviglio Grande

There is Navigli district in Milan, one of the most picturesque areas of the city with channels designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

#9Grom Gelateria in MilanGrom Gelateria

This well-known throughout Italy gelateria network offers a range of delicious ice cream, prepared without additives and dyes.

#5Sempione Park in MilanSempione Park

This is a luxurious landscaped park, spread out near the Sforza Castle, where you can have a picnic, go for a run with the locals or feed the birds at the pond.

#2Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in MilanChurch of Santa Maria delle Grazie

Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie is located in the west of Milan and is best known for its dining room, where there is a fresco by Leonardo da Vinci.

#4Church of Santa Maria in MilanChurch of Santa Maria

This secret place near Piazza Duomo is an island of peace and tranquility amongst the hustle and bustling city.

#1Milan Cathedral in MilanMilan Cathedral

Milan Cathedral is a symbol of the city, a vivid example of the greatness of Gothic architecture and the place to which lead ancient streets of Milan.

#6Sforza Castle in MilanSforza Castle

This castle is the house of museums, the castle, that had seen in its lifetime and the luxurious life of the aristocracy, and the woes of wars and revolutions.

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