Try cotoletta alla Milanese in Milan

You need to try a delicious schnitzel straight from the Middle Ages in Milan, which is still fighting for the right to be called the capital of cotoletta.


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Try cotoletta alla Milanese

#8 of 29 things to do in Milan
Schnitzel Milanese (cotoletta alla Milanese) is a veal, beef or chicken steak with bone, that is dipped in egg, then breading and fried in ghee.

Milan and Vienna want to be called the birthplace of cotoletta alla Milanese, but it's worth noting that the Wiener Schnitzel is different from Milan, it is thin, wider and is prepared from the meat without bones.

Try a juicy cotoletta alla Milanese in any restaurant in Milan, you will be offered a choice of any side dish to cotoletta: salad, grilled or steamed vegetables, potatoes.

How much?

from €14 to €18 for a portion.


Guest27 June 2017

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