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Top-5 dishes that are definitely worth a try in the Emirates

Arabs are true food gourmets — so you should definitely taste their traditional dishes and delicacies!


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The Emirates will hardly surprise you with exclusive specialties, because in fact this country does not have its national cuisine. Nevertheless, the food here is very diverse and of high quality, even in small street cafes.

You can find a mixture of cuisines of almost all countries of the world. There are great sushi bars, various fast foods, European restaurants like Italian trattorias and, of course, Arabic restaurants mostly with Lebanese cuisine.

One of the signature features of the cuisine of the Emirates is that local food is often lavishly flavored by spices and various dressings.

In addition, you have to remember that the UAE are a Muslim country, and in terms of food there are certain limitations — for example, in the month of Ramadan, Arabs eat only before sunrise and after sunset. Also, it is not easy to find pork and there are severe restrictions in terms of alcohol consumption there.
Try Umm Ali in Dubai
oddviserTry Umm Ali#45 of 81 things to do in Dubai

Start the morning in Arabic style with a cup of coffee and a portion of Umm Ali - dessert from baked dough with the addition of raisins, dried fruits and nuts.

How much: from AED 20#ummali#food#cuisineDubai
Try biryani in Dubai
oddviserTry biryani#51 of 81 things to do in Dubai

This dish seems very familiar to you, because it resembles an ordinary pilaf — be sure to taste it and you’ll know the secret.

How much: from AED 20#authentic#cuisineDubai
Try manakish in Dubai
oddviserTry manakish#56 of 81 things to do in Dubai

Try manakish, a sort of traditional "Arabic street food” made of pita and melted cheese with lots of herbs.

How much: from AED 14#manakish#food#cuisineDubai
Try falafel in Dubai
DarinaTry falafel#60 of 81 things to do in Dubai

Learn how to cook tasty and popular dish using conventional peas and enjoy it. Falafel is very popular in almost all cuisines of the Middle East.

How much: from AED 25#falafel#food#cuisineDubai
Try the "real" shawarma in Dubai
oddviserTry the "real" shawarma#61 of 81 things to do in Dubai

Try the "real" Arab shawarma and compare it with the same dishes cooked in your country. Which is better?

How much: from AED 4#shawarma#food#cuisineDubai



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