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Top-5 unusual oriental drinks

In the Emirates, tasting of different drinks is an art. Indulge yourself in delicious aromas and flavors and find out which beverage is recognized as a true elixir of youth!


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For the residents of the East, and the UAE in particular, production and tasting of different drinks is an art, a very important and pleasant ceremony. Coffee, tea, cold drinks — no matter what you taste in the Emirates, you can be sure that Arabs have prepared it with their heart and soul, following all local traditions and customs. In addition, Arabs often add fragrant spices to drinks, turning them into something quite extraordinary.

Did you know that Arabs are real coffee addicts? This drink is worshipped here, and the most favorite variety is the light Arabian coffee from unroasted beans.

In addition, in the Emirates they are fond of Karak tea flavored with fragrant spices, refreshing syrup dzhallyab and, of course, the king of all Arab beverages — camel milk, that is revered almost as a food of gods and a real elixir of youth!
Try Karak tea in Dubai
DarinaTry Karak tea#26 of 74 things to do in Dubai

Every day of the UAE citizens begins with this drink and so it ends with it — it is the time for you to try Karak tea made on the basis of the Bedouin traditions.

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Have a cup of gold coffee in Dubai
oddviserHave a cup of gold coffee#34 of 74 things to do in Dubai

In the Emirates, they serve a really expensive beverage: in this country you can enjoy the taste of ... gold!

How much: from 50 dirhams#coffee#drinks#cuisineDubai
Try jallab in Dubai
Super СrabeTry jallab#36 of 74 things to do in Dubai

Try a traditional Arab drink made from dates, grape molasses and rose water — jallab. It is very refreshing in the hot tropical climate.

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Try light Arabic coffee in Dubai
Joan NaplesTry light Arabic coffee#41 of 74 things to do in Dubai

Make the traditional Arabic coffee ritual — treat yourself to a cup of Arabic coffee in twilight of local coffee shops.

How much: from 10 dirhams#coffee#drinks#cuisineDubai
Try fresh camel milk in Al Ain
oddviserTry fresh camel milk#5 of 6 things to do in Al Ain

The taste of the true Emirates is the taste of fresh camel milk, rich with vitamins and perfectly quenching thirst.

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