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Top-5 Dubai skyscrapers with free access to the roofs

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A practical guide to walks on the roofs of skyscrapers in Dubai.

Top-5 Dubai skyscrapers with free access to the roofs

Many travelers coming to Dubai want to go to the top of the famous Burj Khalifa Tower. However, climbing to the roof of any other skyscraper is a bit more extreme, much more romantic, and totally free of charge!

First of all, let's agree that Oddviser is not a big expert on UAE laws and we are not sure if this is all legal. But it's worth it! Most likely that the worst that can happen to you in this situation is a polite request of the security to leave the roof (not the country :)

So, two main places of concentration of skyscrapers, and thus the best areas for roofing, are Dubai Marina and Financial Center. It is not hard to get to the roofs of skyscrapers in Dubai as almost all of them are open (however, some are glazed or enclosed by a high fence).

Here are some tips for roofing in Dubai, they will help you to get to the top of a skyscraper ... If you stay in a hotel or rent an apartment in a skyscraper (in short, you are a guest), there’s no secrecy at all – simply, go to the roof :) Otherwise, you need to find a skyscraper (which is evidently not a problem in Dubai :), go through the reception, take the elevator to the top floor, and then act depending on the situation: either there will be an exit to a pool or a helipad, or there will be a fire escape to the very top.

Almost all the roofs of Dubai skyscrapers are open, and here is a list of some of them:

1. Skyscraper "Khalid Al Attar 2"
Height 294 meters, 66 floors | Khalid Al Attar 2 on the map

© Vadim Makhorov
It’s worth climbing the roof of the hotel "Millennium Plaza" to enjoy a gorgeous view of the Financial Center. Go to the top by elevator, then out onto the landing and there’s your destination!

2. Residential skyscraper "The Torch" (or Marina Torch)
Height 348 meters, 86 floors | The Torch on the map

© Sergey Melnikoff
This construction is the fifth tallest one in the world. To get to the roof of this skyscraper, you will need to walk the last 26 floors by the fire escape, and then get outside through the hatch on the 86th floor.

3. Residential skyscraper and hotel "Chelsea Tower"
Height 250 meters, 49 floors | Chelsea Tower on the map

© Sergey Melnikoff
Once you pass the reception, you need to take the elevator to the last floor of the building and get to the roof by the fire escape.

4. Residential skyscraper "Princess Tower"
Height 414 meters, 101 floors | Princess Tower on the map

© Stefan Schäfer
From the roof of the skyscraper you will observe panoramic and most stunning views of the Dubai Marina. Getting there is relatively difficult, as the building is safeguarded (but there's nothing impossible, is there? :)

5. Residential skyscraper "MBK Tower"
Height 200 meters, 59 floors | MBK Tower on the map

© Vadim Makhorov
Go to the roof to see one of the most picturesque view of Business Bay area. Getting to the top here is easier than in other skyscrapers – you just take the elevator to the top floor, and then up the stairs right to the roof.

Getting to the roof of a business center or a hotel is easier than to the roof of a condominium, because concierges in the condo will most likely ask you about the purpose of your visit (Oddviser does not know what concierges in Dubai think about roofing, so it's better to make up an explanation and tell them that you're "going to apt. 99" or something of the kind). Another obstacle for you can be the elevators. Almost all of them need a special access card. So, in order to get to the necessary floor, you'll have to wait for someone who lives there.

Good luck :)

Comments 13

Guest25 March 2018I tried going to MBK tower but the rooftop access was locked :(
Guest11 March 2018Жаль нету Бурдж-Халифы
Guest03 November 2017great !
Guest02 November 2016Any persons found flouting the strict rules regarding access to roofs in Dubai risk police action once called by building security so do not try it people it is not worth it !!
Guest18 October 2016is here any page on the facebook about rooftop in dubai ? thank you
Guest30 September 2016а на какие сейчас можно подняться?
Guest07 March 2016Челси Тауэр-закрыта)
oddviser09 February 2016Друзья, спасибо за информацию!
Одвайзер постарается поддерживать актуальность информации в статье :)
Guest08 February 2016Исправьте информацию. Подняться на нее больше нельзя.
Guest08 February 2016Marina The Torch tower закрыта
Eugene 2K04 February 2016И, кажется, на Falcon Tower в районе Бизнес Бей можно подняться, но сам не пробовал...
Eugene 2K04 February 2016Еще можно было поднять на крышу отеля Address (напротив Бурдж Халифы), но там пожар был и не знаю как сейчас.
R.R.Mix26 January 2016Еще на крышу Tiger Tower можно подняться, оттуда с крыши тоже симпатичный вид на Дубай Марину. Высота 185 метров.

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