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Top-10 most atmospheric adventures in Paris

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Discover another Paris: that one, which you will not see, but feel. Try all the adventures we recommend.

Top-10 most atmospheric adventures in Paris

Paris is not only about the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees. Paris is unforgettable emotions that will stay on your lips with sweet drops of French wine, infatuate with passionate tango and ruffle the hair with a warm breeze while driving through the streets of the city on a retro scooter.

Idea number 1: Ride retro scooter

Add romantic ride on a retro scooter to your trip!

A traveler on a retro scooter in Paris.


Idea number 2: Feed pigeons

Feed pigeons golden baguette. You will get great emotions and good pictures.

Its forbidden to feed the pigeons? Did not know :-)


Idea number 3: Try oysters

You cannot just visit Paris without trying local oysters, topped with lemon juice.

A shop with oysters.


Idea number 4: Have a picnic on Champ de Mars

A usual picnic will turn into a special one if you have it on famous Champ de Mars near the Eiffel Tower!

Picnic at Champ de Mars.


Idea number 5: Eat croissants

Right morning begins with coffee, but French morning begins with coffee, fresh croissants and a newspaper.



Idea ​​number 6: Drink wine on the River Seine

Here you can feel as if you're a child who thinks that summer never ends!

Picnic on the banks of river Seine.


Idea number 7: Dance tango on the banks of Seine

Let the music take control of your body!

Tango on the banks of the Seine.


Idea of number 8: Ride on the batobuse on the Seine

This unusual means of transport perfectly combines romantic atmosphere and comfort.

Ride on the batobus.


Idea number 9: Play petanque

Find out how to diversify usual meetings with friends or how French hipsters spend their time.



Idea number 10: See famous cancan in the Moulin Rouge

This frank dance excites hearts of the viewers from 19th century to nowadays!

Cancan in the Moulin Rouge


These adventures will help you to dive into amazing atmosphere of the city. Feel as if you're a Parisian and have a good time!



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