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Walk along the Promenade des Anglaisin Nice, France

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One of the largest embankments in Nice located on the Cote d'Azur.
How to walk along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice
Walking along the embankment you can see the famous ancient buildings, sit on a bench in a hot day and enjoy the view on the "bay of angels". The legend says that it was the same shore that the angels pointed to Adam and Eve, after the exile, as most similar to Eden.

Famous blue armchairsPhoto: Famous blue armchairs, © Mariyan Dimitrov

The embankment has been the main artery of the city for many years. Now it is used for various festivals, carnivals and flower exhibitions. On big holidays the embankment turns into a "garden blossoming with lights" for walks of local and travelers.

Street musician on the promenade
Photo: Street musician on the promenade, © Alex Lud

How to do?

1. Start a walk from the Radisson Hotel.
2. Continue your walk near the Mediterranean University Center.
3. Do not miss the palace with a facade in the Art Deco style built in 1929 by the Dilmos brothers.
4. Take a sit on white benches or famous blue armchairs and take a sun bath, enjoying a pleasant breeze.

Where to do?

#1Promenade des Anglais in NicePromenade des Anglais

Locals call it the Promenade for the luxury of the buildings located on it. It is the favorite place for walks of natives and tourists.

When to do?

Any sunny day is perfect for a walk, but in the evening when the embankment is flooded with the lights of the city and street musicians and artists appear here, it turns into an impassioned place, especially pleasant for walks.


Guest17 June 2024

More things to do in Nice

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#4Buy an antique souvenir on the flea market in NiceBuy an antique souvenir on the flea marketoddviser

If you can not pass by retro knickknacks or vintage things, then you should go to the flea market.

Place Robilant flea market
#3Participate in the Carnival in NiceParticipate in the Carnivaloddviser

Loud, bright, rainbow carnival literally fills the streets and the embankment of Nice with noise and fun every year.

#8Climb up the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in NiceClimb up the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Artoddviser

The MAMAC museum is located just in the center of Nice, so you will see the whole city from here.

10Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMAC)
#5Take a walk in the Old Nice in NiceTake a walk in the Old Niceoddviser

The old town of Nice consists of the small cosy streets, the 18th century buildings, the music and the most authentic bars.

The Old Nice
#6See the sunset from the top of Castle Hill in NiceSee the sunset from the top of Castle Hilloddviser

Climb up the hill with a specially equipped observation deck and enjoy the sunset.

FREECastle Hill
#7See the illuminated statues in NiceSee the illuminated statuesoddviser

The sculptural complex "Conversation à Nice" at the Place Massena is lighted up with different colours every night.

#9Drink the wine on the beach in NiceDrink the wine on the beachoddviser

Bring a couple of bottles of the dry french wine, cheese and fruits and go to the beach. Just in case bring the plaid too.

#10Taste the socca pancake in NiceTaste the socca pancakeoddviser

Socca os made of сhickpea flour and looks like chips or nachos, not like the pancakes. It's low-cal and very tasty.

#2Try glazed chestnuts in NiceTry glazed chestnutsoddviser

Traditional Christmas dessert. According to rumors, the favorite dessert of the kings and emperors of France.

15Henry Auer sweet-shop
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Photo credit © Carrie Andrews