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The Old Nice in Nice

The Old Town with it's fascinating architecture and small streets, the most authentic district in Nice. You should srart your acquaintance with the city from this place.


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The Old Nice

#5 of 10 places to visit in Nice
The old town (Le Vieux-Nice или Vieille Ville) is the bohemian Nice district, where the small shops, restourants and bars are placed between the 18th century buildings.

The most part of the Nice sights are located right here: cathedrals, palaces, towers, the Ols Senate Building which is now used as the doss-house for the homeless and the Mont Alban fort — everything's in the Old Town.

The local citizenes walk here at the evenings, having dinner, listening to mysic and relaxing. And the Promenade des Anglais takes the start from this place.

Old Nice
Photo: Old Nice, © Samneang Lina Sin

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Take a walk in the Old Nice in Nice
oddviserTake a walk in the Old Nice#5 of 10 things to do in Nice

The old town of Nice consists of the small cosy streets, the 18th century buildings, the music and the most authentic bars.

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Photo credit © Olga Khomitsevich