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What to see in France —
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52 places to visit in France


#1in ParisEiffel Tower in ParisEiffel Tower in Paris

The main symbol of Paris, which attracts all the travelers of the world, the steel tower, which became the hallmark of the City of Lights.

#3in ParisMontmartre in ParisMontmartre in Paris

One of the most beautiful and famous areas of Paris, imprinted on hundreds of paintings by great artists and is considered the symbol of the city of lights.

#2in ParisThe Louvre in ParisThe Louvre in Paris

One of the largest and oldest museums in the world has a huge collection of art and historical relics from all around the world.

#4in ParisChamp de Mars in ParisChamp de Mars in Paris

A famous public park the Champ de Mars at the Eiffel Tower is opened round the clock. It is both Parisians and visitors favourite place.

#5in ParisCanal Saint-Martin in ParisCanal Saint-Martin in Paris

Located in the working-class district, surrounded by factories, the canal and its promenade gives an excellent picture of the life of ordinary Parisians.

#1in ChamonixThe observation deck "Step into the void" in ChamonixThe observation deck "Step into the void" in Chamonix

The name of the site is fully consistent with its essence - a transparent glass cube, suspended on a precipice on top of the Aiguille du Midi.

#6in ParisMoulin Rouge in ParisMoulin Rouge in Paris

The legendary Moulin Rouge cabaret has been one of the most important symbols of the city for more than a century. The place is necessarily to visit.

#7in ParisCafe des Deux Moulins in ParisCafe des Deux Moulins in Paris

After the release of the movie "Amélie" this cafe, where the main character was a waitress, instantly became a landmark of Paris.

#1in CannesPromenade de la Croisette in CannesPromenade de la Croisette in Cannes

The luxury promenade takes place from the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès where the Cannes Film Festival is held.

#1in NicePromenade des Anglais in NicePromenade des Anglais in Nice

Locals call it the Promenade for the luxury of the buildings located on it. It is the favorite place for walks of natives and tourists.

#8in ParisSeine in ParisSeine in Paris

Parisians and travelers always come to rest on the banks of the river Seine. After all, you can always find here any entertainment you want.

#10in ParisCostes restaurant in ParisCostes restaurant in Paris

One of the most fashionable and glamorous restaurants in Paris. Famous for its gloss and chic, as well as gourmet cuisine.

#9in ParisCafe de Flore in ParisCafe de Flore in Paris

Cafe de Flore is a famous custom in the heart of Paris. A favorite bohemian cafe of Parisian poets, artists and other celebrities.

#2in NiceHenry Auer sweet-shop in NiceHenry Auer sweet-shop in Nice

A confectioner's shop, was opened at the beginning of the 19th century by an ambitious Swiss. It is famous for unmatched candied fruits and nuts in the glaze.

#12in ParisСatacombsСatacombs in Paris

Since XVIII century, this place has become the last haven for nearly 6 million victims of diseases and wars.

#11in ParisHarry's New York Bar in ParisHarry's New York Bar in Paris

In this small homelike themed bar a classic recipe of the world wide known alcoholic beverage called Bloody Mary was invented.

#3in NicePlace Robilant flea market in NicePlace Robilant flea market in Nice

A bright flea market on the outskirts of Nice is filled with ancient things tirelessly beckons those who want to acquire valuable memories.

#1in Saint-TropezNikki Beach in Saint-TropezNikki Beach in Saint-Tropez

Wealthy people from all around the world come to this beach annually to relax or meet celebrities just sipping a cocktail at the bar.

#14in ParisSweet-shop Laduree in ParisSweet-shop Laduree in Paris

This exquisite confectionery will perfectly mach if you want to taste the most delicious macarons in Paris, because they were invented here.

#4in NiceCastle Hill in NiceCastle Hill in Nice

Although the hill is only 92 meters high, it gives you an opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the famous Promenade and the whole Nice.

#2in CannesLe Suquet district in CannesLe Suquet district in Cannes

Le Suquet or the Cannes Old city is the district with several narrow streets, cosy restaurants and the observation deck with the great view of the Old port.

#2in Saint-TropezPlage des Salin in Saint-TropezPlage des Salin in Saint-Tropez

It is a beautiful beach where you can enjoy sunbathing topless and dine in a romantic atmosphere away from the noise of the city and resort bustle.

#17in ParisTino-Rossi Garden in ParisTino-Rossi Garden in Paris

The little park is decorated with more than fifty sculptures, placed in the middle of the picturesque garden in a creative mess.

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