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What to see in Saint-Tropez —
4 places to visit

8things to doin Saint-Tropez

4 places to visit in Saint-Tropez

#1Nikki Beach in Saint-TropezNikki Beach

Wealthy people from all around the world come to this beach annually to relax or meet celebrities just sipping a cocktail at the bar.

#2Plage des Salin in Saint-TropezPlage des Salin

It is a beautiful beach where you can enjoy sunbathing topless and dine in a romantic atmosphere away from the noise of the city and resort bustle.

#3The Butterfly House in Saint-TropezThe Butterfly House

Mentioning the word museum, most of us get bored, but wait, it’s not about this marvelous place – The Butterfly House. It should be a must-do to visit these cute winged creatures.

#4Museum of the Annunciation in Saint-TropezMuseum of the Annunciation

In case you got bored of a bustling rest on the Cote d'Azur of Saint-Tropez, welcome to the exhibibtion of avant-gardists' canvases in the Museum of the Annunciation.

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