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The Butterfly Housein Saint-Tropez, France

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Mentioning the word museum, most of us get bored, but wait, it’s not about this marvelous place – The Butterfly House. It should be a must-do to visit these cute winged creatures.
The Butterfly House, Saint-Tropez
In the center of Saint-Tropez in an ancient villa you will be surprised by quite unusual finding – butterflies.

French artist Dany Lartigue turned his exciting hobby into touristic attraction. Having traveled around countries of Africa, South America, Europe and Asia, Lartigue managed to collect 35000 exotic flying creatures. The most interesting is that you can not only see museum pieces here, but also admire floating butterflies in the green house.

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#7See the unique butterflies in Saint-TropezSee the unique butterfliesAlexander Fedai

Take a look at monsieur Lartigue's collection which holds 35 000 exhibit items of rare and endangered species of butterflies from around the world.

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Guest03 December 2023

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