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Museum of the Annunciationin Saint-Tropez, France

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In case you got bored of a bustling rest on the Cote d'Azur of Saint-Tropez, welcome to the exhibibtion of avant-gardists' canvases in the Museum of the Annunciation.
Museum of the Annunciation, Saint-Tropez
Museum of the Annunciation, also known as “A temple of art” holds quite a big collection of avant-gardist’s canvases. Once French artist Paul Signac could not resist the beauty of Saint-Tropez city. He bought here a house and opened a little workshop that became a place to make art.

The most interesting thing about the museum is the fact that all the canvases here are placed according to chronological order. Even though all the works are of the same style, they are still unique. These a bit crazy works will definitely draw your attention.

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Guest04 December 2023

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