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Seinein Paris, France

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Parisians and travelers always come to rest on the banks of the river Seine. After all, you can always find here any entertainment you want.
Seine, Paris
The River Seine is an integral part of Paris, which the locals jokingly call the 21st district of Paris (city officially have only 20 districts).

A bit about the "sacred river"

The Seine is the second largest river in France (776 kilometers long). The source of the Seine begins in Burgundy, where the famous city of Dijon is located. The height of the source is 470 meters. Further, the river flows over the Paris basin and flows into the bay of the Seine of the English Channel. The eternally "boiling" with life river divides Paris into the Right and Left banks. Sometimes it seems that they are not just divided on different sides, but also live different lives.

The River Seine
Photo: the Seine River, © Kevin Dress

The left bank of the Seine

It consists of six districts and has, according to the townspeople, a different worldview. On this side of the river the cultural intelligentsia of Paris is gathered. The entire bohemian life of the whole France was held on the left bank. Here lived and created many famous artists, writers and musicians.

Worth to visit on the left bank:
Eiffel Tower
• Museum of Orsay
• Paris catacombs
• Montparnasse
• Boulevard Saint-Germain
• Cafe "Two Mages"

The right bank of the Seine

Bought bourgeois glory, as the "cream of society" preferred to settle on this side of the river. The right bank was rich and luxurious, while on the other side of the river the atmosphere could be called more spiritual and creative. But time passed and everything turned upside down. Now the Parisian money-bags are attracted by the bohemian life next to celebrities, and the right bank is gradually becoming a financial center.

Worth to visit on the right bank:
• Champs Elysees
The Louvre
• Jardin des Tuileries
Moulin Rouge
Canal Saint-Martin

And do not forget about one of the most important sights of Paris.
The famous Notre-Dame is placed right in the middle of the river - on the Cité island.

Notre-Dame de Paris
Photo: Notre Dame Cathedral, © Vainglory

Interesting facts

In the 1880s a girl's body was discovered in the river. Her beauty was so incredible that the pathologist decided to capture the girl's face and made its plaster cast. Beauty from the Seine was glorified in many works of poets and musicians. Artists compared her smile with a smile of Mona Lisa. In 1958, the stranger-girl became the most kissed girl in history, as her face was taken as the basis for creating a dummy for training artificial respiration skills.

In 1910, the river left the coast for 8 meters, what caused enormous damage to the City of Lights. All precautions were taken to ensure that this never happenes again.

In the 1960s, the river was polluted so badly that it became almost dead. At the moment - the ecology of the Seine is restored and there are many fish and other animals.

On the banks of the Seine you can always find what to do. You can have a walk along the embankment, have a picnic or dance tango and salsa on the banks of the Seine. And the most confident can participate in the water tournament (the symbolic action of dropping people into the water can be very funny in warm weather).

Batobus on the Seine
Photo: Batobus on the Seine, © Paula N

You can find entertainment on the river itself. Order an excursion on a batobus or river tram. Fans of fishing can rent a boat and hunt for salmon.

Things to do here 3

#26Ride on the batobus along the Seine in ParisRide on the batobus along the SeineFelicity

A trip on this unusual form of transport — a river bus — is romantic and convenient. You can combine excursion and take a ride among the river.

#28Take a walk along the Seine in ParisTake a walk along the Seineoddviser

The Seine passes through the whole Paris, and it gives the city a special charm. On its shores there are always crowds of people searching for adventures.

#38Drink wine on the River Seine in ParisDrink wine on the River Seineoddviser

This place awakens the most tender feelings and brings to life that childish desire that the summer never end!

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Guest28 November 2023

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Photo credit © Jamie Frith