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The Seven Colored Earthsin Port Louis, Mauritius

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Colourful sand dunes are an incredible natural phenomenon on the island of Mauritius.
The Seven Colored Earths, Port Louis
There's an incredible place on the small island of Mauritius - colourful sand dunes. Bright sand-grains create a futuristic landscape.

The grains are exposed to the rain, wind, sun and heat, but still they don't mix. The multi-colored sand forms unusual patterns. Each layer is separate and has distinct bounds.

Scientists believe that volcanic basalts got grained and cooled slowly. It made every sand-grain get a definite color. The dunes were discovered in the 60s of the last century: the soil upper layers were washed by rains, and this incredible sand came out to the surface.

Due to this natural phenomenon, the village of Chamarel got its second name Land of Seven Colors. The area of the dunes is not large. It is protected by a fence, you can't walk on the dunes or touch the sand.

You can get to the Seven Colored Earths by car or tour bus. The best time to visit the place is in the morning when the colours are especially bright in the rays of the rising sun.

Entrance fee - 150 Rs.

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#1Feed giant hundred-year-old turtles in Port LouisFeed giant hundred-year-old turtlesoddviser

Try to play with a giant tortoise and feed the hundred-year-old animal with lush green grass in a stunning place - the Seven Colored Earth.

MUR 150
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Location: the Chamarel plain
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