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Top 20 romantic ways to propose your girlfriend

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We will tell you how to win a woman's heart: where, when and how much it is worth :-)

Top 20 romantic ways to propose your girlfriend

Friends! As always, Oddviser approached the complex issue with all the responsibility and scrupulous - picked up not only inspirational photos for you, but also wrote a detailed guide how to win the woman's heart. So you will not have to puzzle over what, where and how to do :-)

So, you are likely to know - she will say "yes", but how to make this moment unforgettable?

Method number 1: while riding on a gondola through the canals of Venice

© Laila Gebhard | Flickr
Romantic gondola ride under the moon light will conquer the heart of any girl! And do not forget to take a bottle of champagne and find a musician!

Where: Venice, Italy
How much: от €80 (≈$90) for half an hour
When: at any time of the year

See more about how to rent a gondola and little tricks in this trip:

Method number 2: during the ceremony of launching sky lanterns at the festival Mae Jo

© Fred Alix | Flickr
Mae Jo is often confused with other feasts, although they are not such atmospheric and beautiful.

Where: Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
How much: от 3500 bahts (≈$100)
When: usually in November

How and when to get on holiday Mae Jo Oddviser explained in detail here:

Method number 3: under the moon on the "Bridge Thousand Kisses" in Prague

© Adam Zahrádka | Flickr
In the afternoon "the bridge Thousand Kisses" becomes a "bridge Thousand Tourists", so come here in the morning.

Where: Prague, Czech Republic
How much: free
When: at any time of the year

Learn a little about the bridge and where it is located:

Method number 4: on a boat among the cherry blossoms in Tokyo

© Shuzo Serikawa | Flickr
This unusual place in the heart of Tokyo provides an ideal atmosphere for lovers, but only one week in the year.

Where: Tokyo, Japan
How much: от 800 yen (≈$7)
When:in late March-early April

How and when you can take a boat trip among the cherry blossoms:

Method number 5: on the rink at Rockefeller Center

© Cheeryvisage | Flickr
One of the main symbols of New York was opened in 1936 and since then it is often in the lists of the most romantic places on the planet, so if you are flying to New York - this place is perfect for that special occasion.

Where: New York, USA
How much: от $25
When: from October 27th to March 24th

Information about the Rockefeller Center you will find here:

Method number 6: on a boat in the middle of fountain show in Dubai

© Ivanka Zagorska | Flickr
This is one of the most romantic adventures that you can try to implement with your loved one in Dubai ;-)

Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
How much: от 65 dirhams (≈$18)
When:at any time of the year

How you can take a boat in the most famous fountain in the world:

Method number 7: on the roof of the St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican

Climb to the highest point of Rome - dome of St. Peter. Beautiful scenery of Rome in front of her will make it clear that you can do everything for her!

Where: Vatican
How much: от €5 (≈$6)
When: at any time of the year

How to get on the most picturesque roof in Europe:

Method number 8: in the gardens in Singapore during the show «Garden Rhapsody»

© Kai Lehmann | Flickr
You should definitely see a great romantic show in a grove of futuristic super-trees. Humidity tropical night, insanely beautiful lighting of trees and a magical music - you must decide what to do right here and now!

Where: Singapore
How much: free
When: at any time of the year

About the show in gardens in Singapore:

Method number 9: on top of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan

© Hendrik Terbeck | Flickr
People say that on top of the pyramids is very special energy. The rise is not an easy one, but Oddviser is sure - both of you will remember this important moment of your lives. And the photos will be marvelous :)

Where: Mexico City, Mexico
How much: 57 pesos (≈$3)
When: at any time of the year

How to get to Teotihuacan and climb the pyramid Oddviser says here:

Method number 10: a picnic near the Eiffel Tower

© Dewet | Flickr
Ordinary picnic can be special if to organize it near the Eiffel Tower!

Where: Paris, France
How much: free (not counting the value of the products)
When: in the warm season

How to organize a picnic on the Champ de Mars:

Method number 11: in a balloon over Cappadocia

You will see a fairy Cappadocia from the bird's eye view! The atmosphere of magic and romance will lead her to the correct answer :)

Where: Cappadocia, Turkey
How much: от 250 lire (≈$85)
When: at any time of the year

How to to arrange a balloon flight:

Method number 12: on top of the Cape of Good Hope

© Dom Edwards | Flickr
At the top of the Cape of Good Hope you will not see crowds of tourists, but you will find the romance and beauty here with a vengeance!

Where: Cape Town, South Africa
How much: free
When: at any time of the year

How to get up to the Cape of Good Hope:

Method number 13: at sunset on the island of Thira

Santorini is often called the "island of brides", let it remain :)

Where: the island of Thira (Santorini), Greece
How much: free
When: at any time of the year

A little bit about the island:

Method number 14: in the abyss of the snowy valleys of Mont Blanc

© Julien Reboulet | Flickr
For this special occasion, Oddviser found for you an unusual observation deck on one of the peaks of Mont Blanc.

Where: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France
How much: free (lift is not included)
When: at any time of the year

How to get to the top of the Aiguille du Midi:

Method number 15: sailing on the edge of the Victoria Falls

© Perry King | Flickr
Romance is not for the faint of heart, but to each his own :) Because near this place she will have only two ways: either to the registrar, or ...;)

Where: Livingstone, Zambia
How much: free
When: September to December

How to swim on the edge of a 120-meter waterfall:

Method number 16: in the Alps on Lake Hallstatt

© Daniel Ringwald | Flickr
From the beauty of the majestic Alps she will capture the spirit!

Where: Salzburg, Austria
How much: free (lift is not included)
When: at any time of the year

How to get here:

Method number 17: Inside the waterfall in Iceland

Climb to the almost secluded place away from prying eyes and go for it!

Where: Reykjavik, Iceland
How much: free
When: at any time of the year

How to get inside the waterfall Oddviser writes here:

Method number 18: at sunset on a yacht in Dubai

© Nicolas Lannuzel | Flickr
The yacht and the sea are the best companions of the memorable date.

Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
How much: от 450 dirhams (≈$125)
When: at any time of the year

How to arrange a romantic cruise on the background of Dubai skyscrapers:

Method number 19: on the top of Sugarloaf in Rio

Decent height and incredible panorama of Rio will impress her!

Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
How much: 206 reals (≈$53)
When: at any time of the year

How to see one of the most incredible scenery in the world:

Method number 20: on the London Eye over the Thames

© Tim Caynes | Flickr
Romantic trip in the capsule of Cupid - London at a glance, but inside is only your couple - the right place to make right decisions :)

Where: London, Great Britain
How much: от 21 pounds (≈$30)
When: at any time of the year

How to see London from a bird's eye and make it romantic:

Share this compilation - girls will hint their boyfriends, and guys will not lose valuable practical guidance on how to make ther loved ones happy!



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