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Climb to the observation deck "Step into the void"in Chamonix, France

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The attraction for those who want not only admire the views, but also to tickle nerves.
How to climb to the observation deck "Step into the void" in Chamonix
"Step into the void" - is observation deck made in the form of a cube. All faces of a cube are made of glass, and when you step inside, it seems that you are hovering over the precipice without any support at a height of 1035 meters. It's a little scary :-)

To get here and enjoy an array of Mont Blanc, you need to get to Chamonix town, from here you will need a cable car to reach the top. The cost is €57 per person (round trip). Then you need to pass a bridge across the chasm that connects the two rocks, and then use the lift inside the rock and go to the top of Aiguille du Midi - you are on the spot.

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#1The observation deck "Step into the void" in ChamonixThe observation deck "Step into the void"

The name of the site is fully consistent with its essence - a transparent glass cube, suspended on a precipice on top of the Aiguille du Midi.


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