Climb to the most picturesque observation deck of the Alps in Salzburg

From this observation deck the majestic Alps are clearly visible.


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Climb to the most picturesque observation deck of the Alps

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At an altitude of 2,100 meters you will find one of the most beautiful viewing platforms in the Austrian Alps. Due to the unusual shape of its walkways, this deck is called the "Five Fingers". Each of the "fingers" has its symbolic feature: a frame for posing for the camera, transparent floor, free telescope, viewing hole in the floor over a precipice; Only one finger is closed (it is apparently symbolizes inaccessibility of the mountains).

Observation deck
Photo: Observation deck "Five Fingers" in the Alps, © Les Pearce | Flickr

How to get here?
From Salzburg by bus or taxi 78 km to the town of Obertraun on Lake Hallstatt. From Obertraun on lift to the top Krippenstein station, and from there 20-30 minutes walk to the viewing platform.

Where to do?

Five Fingers Observation Deck in Salzburg
Five Fingers Observation Deck#1 of 1 places to visit in Salzburg

Beautiful observation deck in Alps resembles a giant hand, which fingers hanging over the 2100 meters precipice.

Location: Krippenstein station

How much?

entrance to the observation deck is free (you would pay only for the lift).


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