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Build an iglooin Salzburg, Austria

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Build snow apartments in Austria. An overnight stop in an igloo will be remembered for the icy air and magical dreams.
How to build an igloo in Salzburg
Marvelous Austria offers its guests amazing out-of-the-ordinary kinds of recreation, such as staying overnight in an igloo. Of course, you can indulge in more pleasure and rent a suite igloo, a snow hut. However, true adventurers take less traveled roads.

You can build an igloo with your own hands. To do this, you will need some effort and snow, which is enough and to spare here. An igloo is a small structure, having a dome-like shape and built with ice or snow blocks. Traditionally, a snow hut is not more than four meters in diameter, while its height is about two and a half meters.

They arrange snow blocks in an ascending spiral, filling the joints between the blocks with snow. Then they light a fire lamp to warm the air in the igloo, that causes the snow to melt, thus moistening the interior side of the igloo. At this moment they let the cold air into the igloo to frost the wet walls and cover them with a fast layer of ice.

Presto — and your igloo is ready, you can make yourself comfortable and fall asleep in a duck-down sleeping bag. In such a fabulous shelter you will have no less than fabulous dreams, too.


Guest20 May 2024

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