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Top-7 of most horrifying places in the exclusion zone

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Places which make the blood run cold, where even in a sunny day you feel frightened.

Top-7 of most horrifying places in the exclusion zone

№1: Amusement park

The amusement park, which was destined to turn into ruins without working a single day. The Ferris wheel in the park became a symbol of Pripyat and the Chernobyl disaster. After all, kids never ride on it happily laughing, it remains a symbol of broken hopes.

Wheel of unfortunate in an amusement park
Photo: Wheel of unfortunate in an amusement park, © A window to yesterday


№2: Hospital complex MSCh-126

The first victims of the reactor explosion were brought here. The walls of the building still preserve the memory of the pain and suffering of local patients. Here, among the yellowed walls, dark corridors in the wards with broken baby beds, where syringes and medicines are lying on the floor in complete chaos you feel sad and frightened. One of the most terrifying places in the medical unit is the basement, where the protective suits of the liquidators of the accident were taken. Fear and despair cover everyone who comes here.

Radioactive clothes in the basement of the medical unit
Photo: Radioactive clothes in the basement of the medical unit

Radioactive clothing in the basement of the hospital
Photo: Radioactive clothing in the basement of the hospital


№3: Red Forest

The forest is called "red" or "glowing", since it absorbed a huge dose of radiation, and in that night it radiated with a scarlet glow. Although the old radioactive forest was buried under the ground, and a new, practically normal forest appeared, but the Geiger counter can not be deceived. The forest still radiates a large amount of radiation and it is inhabited by a huge number of wild animals, so entry there is strictly prohibited.

Red radioactive forest
Photo: Red radioactive forest, ©


№4: Fire station

Ten brave firefighters first drove to liquidate the Chernobyl disaster from this very place. These heroes died after a few days, because of a huge dose of received radiation. The walls of the fire department remind of the heroic deed committed by these brave peope, that's why you feel terrible here, and tears come to your eyes.

Fire station
Photo: Fire station, © Peter Heuts


№5: The Jupiter factory and its basement

Once a secret object of enormous size, where the latest technologies for space exploration and military development were created. It will disturb your imagination with its scale of creepy look of the objects inside. The basement rooms are more look like secret laboratories for some kind of sinister activity and there among the remnants of equipment you feel yourself being locked up in a cage. And in the pitch darkness it seems that it's impossible to get out of this trap.

Inside the Jupiter factoryPhoto: Inside the Jupiter factory, ©


№6: Cemetery of military equipment

The technique used to eliminate the consequences of the atomic nuclear was buried in few places. The last remaining cemetery is located near the village of Buryakovka in the Kiev region. Here, in creepy silence ambulances, which delivered irradiated people to the hospital; hundreds of fire brigade machines that arrived at the scene of the accident to extinguish fire; buses on which people were evacuated and other equipment, which is still radiates rest in peace.

Cemetery of radioactive machines
Photo: Cemetery of radioactive machines, © Peter Heuts


№7: Morgue of the hospital complex MSCh-126

Cold section tables, metal shells with bloodstained bandages and rusted medical instruments, broken tiles falling off the walls and shards of broken glass. This "landscape" involuntarily causes you to shrink from fear and plunge into a depressing silence.

Morgue of the hospital complex MSCh-126
Photo: Morgue of the hospital complex MSCh-126, © Lowri-Jen Bate


Undoubtedly, all these abandoned buildings and uninhabited places will frighten even the most brave adventurer, because the entire scale of the tragedy of the Chernobyl disaster is acutely felt here. But the most terrible, and certainly dangerous, that can happen to you is to meet a local security, because practically all these places are strictly forbidden to visit :)

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