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Fly aboard a hot air balloon over Cappadociain Cappadocia, Turkey

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Flying aboard a hot air balloon presents the best bird-eye view on a magic Cappadocia!
How to fly aboard a hot air balloon over Cappadocia in Cappadocia
Hundreds of colorful balloons floating up in the sky in the rays of sunrise present a stunning picture! You could see the endless blue sky only above you and a fantastic landscape of Cappadocia under your feet.

Flights occur daily at 5 or 6 a.m. and can be canceled only because of the bad weather conditions. You can book a flight online on numerous websites that sell tours in Cappadocia or at any hotel reception. The number of people in the basket of one hot air balloon is from 14 to 24 people.

How much?

a cost for one hour flight is 250-500 liras (80-160 euros) for 1 adult. You can also book a private flight up to three hours, but the cost will be much more expensive.

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