Take a gondola ride through Venice canals in Venice

A romantic gondola ride under the moon light will win the heart of every girl;-)


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Take a gondola ride through Venice canals

#1 of 37 things to do in Venice
Definitely bright gondolas and hadsome gondoliers come first to your mind when you think about Venice.

Water splashes under the paddles and you can see sumptuous palaces and colorful small houses from the both sides of the canal.

You really couldn't deny this trip on exclusively Venetian boat. And the moon with champagne and violin accompaniment will complete this totally romantic atmosphere.

How much?

the price on gondola ride depends on the time of the day. In the morning, when tourists are still sleeping, the rental price is the lowest. In the afternoon the price starts from 80 euros (from 9 am to 7 pm). And in the night it's usually starts from 100 euros (from 7 pm to 8 am). The duration of the trip is about 30-40 minutes.

Tips and hints

another secret of how to make a lower price - is to find gondola a little bit further from the popular tourist spots. Keep in mind that it's better to agree upon the price and the duration of the trip before you step into the boat, write it down, and go by your watch.


Guest23 July 2017

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Buy Burano lace in Venice
klia baloBuy Burano lace#34 of 37 things to do in Venice

It is popular due to the special technology - burano lace is made from a single yarn and each product takes about three months of hard work.

How much: from 100 euros#authentic#souvenirsBurano island
Try polenta in Venice
Joan NaplesTry polenta#19 of 37 things to do in Venice

Order the favorite Venetian side dish - polenta, prepared according to old recipe.

How much: price unknown#cuisineVenice
Try focaccia in Venice
oddviserTry focaccia#23 of 37 things to do in Venice

In Venice you should definitely try the Venetian cake, which is considered the forerunner of the pizza.

How much: from 2 euros#cuisineVenice
Try bigoli in Venice
Joan NaplesTry bigoli#33 of 37 things to do in Venice

Only in Venice you can try the real bigoli as it is prepared on its homeland.

How much: from 10 euros#cuisineVenice
Take part in Venice Carnival in Venice
JDITake part in Venice Carnival#17 of 37 things to do in Venice

Buy luxury mask, choose an interesting costume - and conquer the Venice Carnival!

How much: free#unusual#authentic#cultural#shows#holidays#selfieVenice
Try gelato in Venice
Kateryna PlakhotnaTry gelato#6 of 37 things to do in Venice

Do not forget to look in one of the quiet cafes, take an unusual type of ice cream, which is not available for sale in other cities around the world.

How much: from 3 euros#authentic#cuisineVenice
Listen to Holy Masse in the basilica San Marco in Venice
Mickey CollinsListen to Holy Masse in the basilica San Marco#10 of 37 things to do in Venice

Mingle with the locals and listen to Holy Masse in the basilica San Marco, like a true Venetian.

How much: free#authentic#free#cultural#mysticSt. Mark's Basilica
Watch the Historical Regatta in Venice
oddviserWatch the Historical Regatta#35 of 37 things to do in Venice

Visit the historical Regatta in Venice — look at a parade of gondolas and the competition of Venetian boats and get a ringside seat.

How much: free#authentic#fun#holidaysVenice
Try Dry Martini cocktail in Venice
FelicityTry Dry Martini cocktail#21 of 37 things to do in Venice

Best martini, according to Hemingway, is in Harry's Bar, and you should try this strong drink.

How much: from 20 euros#cuisine#adultHarry’s Bar
Buy a Venetian mask in Venice
Mickey CollinsBuy a Venetian mask#24 of 37 things to do in Venice

Venetian mask is one of the most brilliant souvenir that you can find in Venice.

How much: price unknown#authentic#souvenirs#selfieVenice
See a sunset on the waterfront in Venice
Eugene KrasowskiSee a sunset on the waterfront#15 of 37 things to do in Venice

See how the St. Mark's Basilica's silhouette appears on the background haze of sunset, Venice dons a new decoration and becomes Queen of the seas!

How much: free#free#nature#romantic#phenomenonsRiva degli Schiavoni
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