Listen to opera at La Fenice in Venice

Watch the opera at La Fenice, the theater, where the premiere of the most famous Verdi's operas were hosted.


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Listen to opera at La Fenice

#8 of 37 things to do in Venice
Buy a ticket for the best opera house in Venice - La Fenice, where the premiere of «Rigoletto» and «La traviata» were hosted. Or watch Verdi's opera on his homeland to the accompaniment of the best musicians in Italy.

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La Fenice Theatre in Venice
La Fenice Theatre#8 of 16 places to visit in Venice

La Fenice Opera House opened in Venice in the late 18th century and two famous operas of the world - "Rigoletto" and "La Traviata" were premiered here.


How much?

from €39.

Tips and hints

book tickets in advance on the official website of La Fenice.


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Listen to music of Vivaldi in Venice
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Listen to performance of Vivaldi's music in the church next to the orphanage, where this great Venetian composer worked.

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Attend Festa del Redentore in Venice
R.R.MixAttend Festa del Redentore#25 of 37 things to do in Venice

Attend the brightest festival, when all of Venice at night will be illuminated by hundreds of lights from the fireworks.

How much: free#unusual#authentic#free#cultural#holidaysVenice
See the sunrise on the Piazza San Marco in Venice
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Buy Murano glass in Venice
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Bring your loved ones the main souvenir of Venice — Murano glass.

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Drive a motor boat through Venice canals in Venice
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Go on a motor boat in the most secret places of the Venice lagoon.

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See a sunset on the waterfront in Venice
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See how the St. Mark's Basilica's silhouette appears on the background haze of sunset, Venice dons a new decoration and becomes Queen of the seas!

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