Burano island in Venice

Burano island is situated near Torcello at the northern end of the Lagoon and is known for its colorful houses and lace.

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Burano island

#2 of 34 places to visit in Venice
Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon and you can reach it by vaporetto (the ticket costs about €7.5).

Burano is a bright island because of the houses, that are painted in the most vivid and unimaginable colors. Every resident of the island can paint his house in any color, thats why the colours of the houses can suprise every tourist on Burano island.

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Try buranelli in Venice
oddviser Try buranelli#20 of 34 things to do in Venice

Buranelli are local Burano cookies, are prepared only on Burano island and you should definitely enjoy it with a cup of coffee.

How much: price unknown#authentic#cuisine#souvenirsBurano island
Visit Burano island in Venice
oddviser Visit Burano island#29 of 34 things to do in Venice

Take a walk among the colorful houses on the Burano island and buy lace from local masters.

How much: price unknown#authentic#strollingBurano island
Buy Burano lace in Venice
klia balo Buy Burano lace#33 of 34 things to do in Venice

It is popular due to the special technology - burano lace is made from a single yarn and each product takes about three months of hard work.

How much: from 100 euros#authentic#souvenirsBurano island
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Venice islands boat tour
Venice islands boat tour

An excursion to explore the lagoon of Venice and the most beautiful and little known islands that scattered on it, on board of Eolo 2 boat!

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Guest23 May 2017

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